Add That To The List

August 31 - Swansea to Bridgend Rain Wind Blocked paths Hills Elevator Barriers Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. We were back in the saddle for our first full day of riding in a while and it had a bit of everything. It was like going back to school after a long holiday and finding... Continue Reading →

On Waves And Wheels To Wales

August 30 - Rosslare to Swansea Oh that dastardly wind. It had blown fiercely all of yesterday and it hadn’t mellowed at all overnight. The trees were horizontal and it gave every indication of being a very lumpy ferry crossing. We also had the challenge of having a plan but having absolutely no idea if... Continue Reading →

A Super Send Off

August 28 - Kilkenny to Rosslare Today was our last day of exploring Ireland and what a ripper it was. We had sunshine and a top place to roam and it was a great send off for our time on the Emerald Isle. When we arrived in Kilkenny yesterday, it looked like it would be... Continue Reading →

I’m Not A Poet And Yes, I Know It!

August 23 - Tralee to Limerick You will see from above, that our pit stop today was Limerick. So, just for a bit of silliness, I bring you today’s instalment entirely in the structure of limericks. Apologies for my questionable literary skills, but… y’know, it had to be done! Two Tasmanians set off to explore... Continue Reading →

Ooh, That Was Creepy

August 22 - Killarney to Tralee Ever been somewhere and had that feeling where you just want to keep looking over your shoulder? Ever stood in a room and felt a bit of a shiver and you want to turn around and check behind you? Ever had that kind of creepy feeling? Or is it... Continue Reading →

In The Footsteps Of The Ancients

August 21 - Glengarriff to Killarney No pedal again today, so we decided to ramble instead. We hit the road under grey skies and motored through the little village of Glengarriff and the scenery continued to be spectacular, with the rugged hills and coastline on either side of us, then through rock tunnels in the... Continue Reading →

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