Roman Holiday

I know, I am far, far, far from having anything in common with Audrey Hepburn, sadly, and I don’t know that Steve could ever be compared to a young Gregory Peck, but we’ll be happy to share one thing with these two timeless stars - a Roman Holiday! The Big City was today’s destination and after... Continue Reading →

They Just Keep Coming

Yep, some of the things we’ve been experiencing lately, continued to appear today…they just kept comin’! First were the hills. They kept on comin’! We went up and up and up again today. Long climbs, not mega steep, but long and constant. The gears got a workout on the uphill and the brakes got an... Continue Reading →

Sunshine, Suites and…Stanzas!

With not a great deal worth reporting today, for my own entertainment I have put today’s blog post into verse. Here goes…   Two tourists from Tassie went pedalling On a morn’ of Saturday When they saw a grand sight ’Twas the sun shining bright And they shouted “Hip, hip, hip hooray!”   The road... Continue Reading →

These Shoes Were Made For Laughing

When I looked outside this morning, it was to see sunshine and clear sky, but…the trees were flapping and swaying like they were being shaken by a huge, unseen hand. It was windy! We packed up and pedalled out into another cool, but not too chilly, morning and set off along the road. All praise... Continue Reading →

I Think I Just Found Italy

Oh what a beautiful moooooorniiing, oh what a beautiful daaaaaay… When we set off riding this morning, it was into one of those splendid, clear, crisp autumn mornings. I’ll put the emphasis on ‘crisp’ because it was cold and I had to dust off the gloves for the first time in months. It was a... Continue Reading →

Wind, Wobbles and…What!?!

Farewell Firenze, time to move on, thanks for the memories. We pedalled through the streets of Florence, heading out of town, mingling with the morning peak hour traffic. We’ve ridden on busy main roads many times, with trucks all but grazing our elbows and this is a regular cycling hazard. Today we had a new... Continue Reading →

The Firenze Finale

Our final day in Florence, before pedalling on. I couldn’t leave this city without going for a run, so this morning, as soon as it was light, we set off towards the nice big park we had ridden through when we first arrived. Steve came with me on the bike, to guide me through the... Continue Reading →

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