Beauty, Borders and Bottoms

Tuesday, September 1 Our little hotel in Raamsdonk offered breakfast with our room, so we took ourselves into the dining room for our first Dutch bed and breakfast. With scrumptious crusty bread on offer and very nice cereal, I was sorted and Steve took the opportunity to rekindle his love affair with pastries and happily... Continue Reading →

Slow Cycling Champions

What a ripper of a storm! It rained and hailed with thunder and lightning, all night! The little tent was appreciative of dodging that one! By the morning, the storm had stopped its tantrum and gone off to be angry somewhere else, so we had a clear and muggy morning to ride into. The town... Continue Reading →

Fun in the Sun

The Netherlands just keeps throwing the splendour at us and we’re feelin’ the love! The morning was absolutely glorious and we pedalled along in sunshine, not a breath of wind, beautiful countryside and quiet, peaceful paths. We had some roads to ride on this morning, but they were pretty quiet. “Can it get any better... Continue Reading →

Cruising and…Crashing!

We love the Netherlands! We keep saying that to each other, because it’s such a beautiful place and we are enjoying everything about it so far. We made an early start this morning and set off in the cool of the morning, heading towards Tiel. Once again, we had cycle paths to ride on and... Continue Reading →

Learning and Laughing

What a shame, having to leave our nice, comfy room in our nice, friendly hotel, but…needs must. After checking out, the lady at reception met us at the bike shed, to gather our steeds. When she met us there, it seemed she and Steve were still sharing a chuckle at his attempts to say “goodmorning”... Continue Reading →

It’s Just So Pretty

Off we go, to venture forth into Holland and see what discoveries we can make. We rode out of Rotterdam, along that terrific bike road, with the wind still blowing super strong, but of course, we had a nice flat ride as the trade off. It was so great to have that special road and... Continue Reading →

When in Rotterdam…Ride!

A day in Rotterdam meant a day being a local and getting on those bikes and riding like the wind! Or in the case of today...riding IN the wind! We took to the bike road and we whizzed and wheeled...zipped and zoomed...cruised and cornered as we flew around the city on our own little road.... Continue Reading →

Cheerio England, Hello Holland

Sunday, August 23 Mission: Kill time in Harwich until ferry departure at 11:00pm Challenge: Use only the remaining pounds and pence rattling around in the wallet so as not to withdraw more in the hours prior to leaving the only country that uses them as legal tender Weather forecast: Rain and high winds Mission Accepted... Continue Reading →

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