Magic Moments

What a difference a day makes! What an absolutely magical ride we had today. First of all the sun was shining and second of all, the wind wasn't blowing. What a top start to the day! We set off out of charming Cranleigh and our route took us back to the lovely, tree lined, forested,... Continue Reading →

Not Another Wrong Turn!

There’s a party goin’ on and I’m not invited! When I woke this morning, I lay in the tent listening to SCRITCH…SCRATCH…SCRATCH…SCRAMBLE…RUSTLE… as the squirrels climbed the trees next to the tent. Bless. What a nice way to wake up. I wrestled myself out of the boa constrictor grip of my quilt lining and snuck... Continue Reading →

Leaving London and Losing Our Way

Cheers London, see you later, farewell and t’ra…we’re off. Time to reacquaint ourselves with our loaded, weighty bikes and get the legs and lungs back into action. Leaving the hotel and getting back on the bikes, also meant it was time to navigate those scary city streets again. Oh well, it had to be done,... Continue Reading →

Our Last Legwork in London

To the tune of It’s a Long Way to Tipperary: It's a long way to Little Tassie, It's a long way to go. It's a long way to Little Tassie To the lovely home I know! Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square! It's a long long way to Little Tassie, But my heart's right there. Today... Continue Reading →

Gorgeous Greenwich

“Aaah, that’s more like it, this is more our pace,” were our words as we arrived in Greenwich and began walking through its quiet streets and parks. We decided to limit our time spent on a train today and explore one location, so Greenwich was our destination for the day. En route, we stopped at... Continue Reading →

Ira’s Adventures in London

Ira? Who’s Ira? Have we picked up an additional travelling companion? Well, I’ve decided that since my blue raincoat makes such a regular appearance in this blog, it’s starting to develop a character all its own. With this in mind, I felt it deserved its own identity. Today, I bestowed upon the blue raincoat, the... Continue Reading →

Three Tassie Tourists Take on London

Our first full day in London. It started with another bike ride in the busy London traffic, so nothing like a sizeable dose of adrenalin to start the day! The only bike storage we were offered at our hotel was an outdoor, public bike rack, some distance from the hotel and with bike racks that... Continue Reading →

Monuments, Majesty and Milestones

Off to London we go! The sun shone once again this morning for our ride into the big city. I psyched myself up for a busy ride and it was indeed, just that. We power pedalled along the bike lane beside the busy roads, until we reached some outer neighbourhoods and came across some quieter... Continue Reading →

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