Aaaaaand We’re Back

May 20 - Au an der Donau to Linz Aaaaaand we’re back. After a short interlude of three days with fine weather, normal programming has been resumed. It rained. Again.  I got in a short, quick run this morning back along the Danube path. What an absolutely top spot to run. Having a path to... Continue Reading →

Cruisin’ With A Side Order Of Epic

May 19 - Melk to Au an der Donau I left Steve to his slumber in the west wing of the Nylon Palace while I stood in the campsite bathroom commandeering a powerpoint to recharge devices, before the morning ablutions rush and before I completed my own morning routine. The day dawned clear and crisp,... Continue Reading →

Allo, Allo

May 18 - Krems to Melk “Hallo" is the one German word I feel confident saying, since it’s a direct translation of “Hello” and virtually identical so it rolls off the tongue with ease. So confident am I in the use of this one word, that I was reciting it with abandon today. We packed... Continue Reading →

Return To The Nylon Palace

May 17 - Tulln to Krems Blue sky! There’s actually blue sky! What a start to the day. I headed out for an early morning run and the sky was clear and there was blue over there between the clouds and it was looking like being a ripper day. I took a 10K trot along... Continue Reading →

On The Banks Of The Danube

May 16 - Vienna to Tulln We have now been going for one month. Our first very teeny tiny milestone. Fun fact… in 31 days we have had 15 days of rain! Yep, it felt like it too, 50% precipitation so far this trip. When you travel on bikes the way we do, weather becomes... Continue Reading →

Palace Perambulations

May 15 - Vienna The day dawned very cold and drizzly and I once again took a trot around the Augarten, for a quick, short early morning run, passing some familiar faces from yesterday and greeting some new ones. A chilly but top start to the day. The weather decided to crack up even further... Continue Reading →

Well, That Was Better

May 14 - Vienna What a difference some stories make. We managed to do a walking tour today and some information and guided roaming turned yesterday’s itsty-bitsy day into something far more enjoyable. The day was already off to a good start because I got out for a run. Leaving Steve to his slumber once... Continue Reading →

An Itsy Bitsy Day

May 13 - Vienna Today really was an itsy-bitsy day. We did a bit of this and a bit of that. Started something, then switched to something else. Made a plan, changed a plan and really just did a bit of a few things. Whenever we’re in a big city, we like to do one... Continue Reading →

The Weather Plays Its Trump Card

May 12 - Bruck an der Mur to Vienna Today is Mothers’ Day. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mums out there. We began the day with some video calls home to wish our mums a happy day and to have a check-in chat with folks back in Tassie. We sat planning our onward journey... Continue Reading →

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