Into Slovenia With A Bang

April 28 - Umag to Portorož Farewell Croatia, cheerio, Doviđenja, we say goodbye and over the border we go. We decided to try beating the weather and at least ride on a bit, even if it was only short, so with the prospect of rain but none so far, we hit the road. Our final... Continue Reading →

Almost Campers Again

April 27 - Rovinj to Camp Umag We packed up and said goodbye to Grandma Ada who sent us off with a “Bravo” and down the street we went, straight into a wrong turn. Back we go and we’re on track. We had a nice bit of downhill to start the day and on a... Continue Reading →

Friendly People Everywhere

April 26 - Pula to Rovinj We set off from Pula this morning and the weather forecast said rain but thankfully, apart from a few spatters through the night, the morning was clear and not a drop to be seen. As we were leaving the apartment we were carrying all our panniers down two floors... Continue Reading →

Roamin’ with Romans

April 25 - Pula A day off the bikes to roam and explore Pula and learn a little history, so we set off back towards the Amphitheatre to have a look inside its walls. On the way we passed the Communal Palace (Town Hall) and Temple of Augustus as we strolled across the Forum and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Rain, Hello Wind

April 24 - Labin to Pula We pulled up well after the events of yesterday and apart from a twinge in the knee and shoulder for Steve and a little twinge in the back and some bruises for me, all to be expected the day after colliding with a hard surface, we are fighting fit... Continue Reading →


April 23 - Lovran to Labin We both went down today and there was absolutely nothing we could do to avoid it. Rain was forecast and the forecast was spot on. It started in the night and was still going in the morning. We fuelled up from a terrific breakfast buffet and said goodbye to... Continue Reading →

Better Than Eurovision

April 22 - Rijeka to Lovran What a top day, what an absolutely top notch, first class, super dooper day. I hit the trifecta today with a nice ride, a roam in the sun and then capped off the day with a run which I’ve been hanging out for. We enjoyed a nice breakfast on... Continue Reading →

A Change of Plans

April 21 - Ogulin to Rijeka We have a style of travelling that’s become our way of doing things and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. We don’t organise things in advance. We don’t do extensive research. We don’t book days, weeks or months ahead. We really just go day by day and take... Continue Reading →

Pretty Close to Perfect

April 19 - Zagreb to Tusilovic “Do I look like a dork in this?” That was the pressing question asked by Steve before we set off this morning. Hmmm, how do I answer that?  Time to leave Zagreb and hit the open road. We put foot to pedal at 7:30 am and off we went.... Continue Reading →

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