Brunch With Buddies

Our last day in the Big Smoke and a chance to catch up with friends who we haven’t seen for ages. Gennie and Peter moved back to Victoria on the Big Island a few years ago, so we couldn’t leave their neck of the woods without catching up.  After our predictable hopelessness with navigation on... Continue Reading →

Christmas, Crooners and Chaos

Aaaaaaahhhh.....niiiiiice. A hot shower to start the day. Simple but blissful. We were informed on our return to the hotel yesterday that an entirely new hot water cylinder had been required and it had been swiftly installed and our chilly water temperature had turned into delightful warmth. Loovely. We headed downstairs for “breakfast included” and... Continue Reading →

Draining The Last Drops

Just a touch of the glums today, with nagging thoughts of this being our last full day in England. Time was taken up with organising some things like laundry, a final wash of the bikes and then padding them up and packing them into their boxes for their journey. We also did a trial run into the... Continue Reading →

Murder And Mystery Monday

  The small man entered the room, a dapper gentleman, even dandy one could say. He surveyed the sunlit room, assessing the seating options before selecting a straight backed, wooden chair that would allow him to avoid the bright light streaming through the window. He pulled a crisp, white handkerchief from his breast pocket, unfolded... Continue Reading →

Go Slow Sunday Lives On

And so the finals begin [insert sad sigh here]. Our final Sunday. To mark the occasion, we might as well resurrect that grand tradition that we enjoyed so much…Go Slow Sunday. It so happened it was a good day for it, being another one of heavy rain and temperatures well towards the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

Exploring Page And Screen

A bit of rain about, so let’s leave the roaming of Oxford and take a trip through the countryside today. Through Oxfordshire we hurtled and arrived in the charming little village of Thame. Apart from being lovely, this little town has a claim to fame of having Midsomer Murders filmed there. Yep, we’re on the... Continue Reading →

When Oxford Became A Village

Jerk…shudder…grumble…jerk…jerk…shudder… The van wasn’t happy. It protested most forcefully at being asked to move in the cold, very cold, morning that we had. It grumbled and shuddered and jerked and told us, in no uncertain terms, that it was most displeased with the mere one degree temperature it was being asked to perform in. It... Continue Reading →

Steve Exercises His Counting Finger

Steve raised one finger…1…then another…2…then a third… “Yep, I still love it!” I declared, before he could get to “3”. We were back in some magical places with gorgeous scenery and charming villages and my declarations of love for England of Britain the Great, continued. We took off from Birmingham and decided on a route... Continue Reading →

A Ripper Rainy Reunion

What a wonderful day. What a special day. The sort of day you’re looking forward to and feel excited about from the get go. Today we were meeting up with my boss and her husband. I say, “my boss” but Terese is so much more than that…friend, amazing support and just an all round wonderful,... Continue Reading →

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