Feelin’ Some Magic

May 1 - Trieste l like Trieste. Trieste is a nice city. I’m feelin’ some Italian magic! The sun shone today in a cloudless sky and it was perfect for a gentle roam through the streets and piazzas of Trieste. We strolled across the grand Piazza Unita d’Italia that we had ridden past on our... Continue Reading →

Three Countries in Three Days

April 30 - Portorož to Trieste Yes, we have crossed another border…just like that… all of a sudden…we’re in yet another country! We had no plans to return to Italy on this trip, but leaving Portorož, our route took us so close to the border that we thought we’d just pop across and investigate Trieste... Continue Reading →

I Waaaaant Myyyyy Biiiiiiike!!

Are forty-five year old women allowed to have tantrums? That’s what I wanted to do today, I wanted to throw a full-on tanty and stamp my foot and pout and throw myself on the ground and kick my legs and pound my fists. I’m not happy. Moan alert…this post is going to have a few... Continue Reading →

History and Culture Collide

The sun decided to have a sleep in. Instead of our glorious blue sky and sparkle, we were greeted this morning by a thick, pea-souper of a sea fog. We couldn’t see the water, which was only across the street and everything was shrouded in white mist. There mightn't have been any sun, but it still... Continue Reading →

Don’t Judge A Gal By Her Harley

Shorts and t-shirt, from the very first stroke of the pedal. That’s how glorious the morning was! The sun shone, the air was warm and we pedalled off towards Anzio. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a ride, in the sun and with no wind. The only thing that dimmed the sparkle somewhat, was... Continue Reading →

Let’s Take the Long Way Around

Right...psyching up...the road is out there...the traffic is waiting and revving and roaring...time for a rush of adrenalin with a twist of good old fashioned fear! Onto the Roman roads we go, into the motorised mayhem! The legs and lungs got a good wake up call after their week off, with a hilly street to... Continue Reading →

Legend Has It…

A day of stories. I love a good story, a gripping tale, a ripping yarn! We spent our last day in Rome, visiting some sites that gave us some history and had a tale to tell… The Church of St. Peter In Chains (San Pietro in Vincoli) was our first stop.  The frescos in this... Continue Reading →

The Sunset Selfie Stroll

A slow and easy morning was had by the pair of Tassie travellers. The plan for the day was to spend some evening time in the city, so we tootled about the apartment, got some jobs done and generally took it pretty easy first thing this morning. Steve got to work doing some bike maintenance... Continue Reading →

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