Hectic But Happy

September 2 - Barry to Newport I think we can probably chalk up today’s ride as a commute rather than a tour. It felt a bit like we were just getting from one place to another because we spent most of it beside roads and it was very, very busy. I managed to fit in... Continue Reading →

Loving It! Just Sayin’!

September 1 - Bridgend to Barry Get out your pom-poms and pull up your bobby socks. Gimme an M M! Gimme an A A! Gimme a G G! Gimme an I I! Gimme a C C! Whaduzit spell? MAGIC! I absolutely loved today, every single second of it. It was BRILL-EE-YANT! Simply MAGIC! Today we... Continue Reading →

Add That To The List

August 31 - Swansea to Bridgend Rain Wind Blocked paths Hills Elevator Barriers Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. We were back in the saddle for our first full day of riding in a while and it had a bit of everything. It was like going back to school after a long holiday and finding... Continue Reading →

On Waves And Wheels To Wales

August 30 - Rosslare to Swansea Oh that dastardly wind. It had blown fiercely all of yesterday and it hadn’t mellowed at all overnight. The trees were horizontal and it gave every indication of being a very lumpy ferry crossing. We also had the challenge of having a plan but having absolutely no idea if... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shopping Can Take Years Off

What a wild night! The wind and rain didn’t let up and pounded the roof and windows and was still going as light began to spread across the sky. Possibly a day for an indoor activity, despite our new found Britishishness, that sees us embrace the great outdoors no matter the conditions, something we find... Continue Reading →

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