Forward on Four Wheels

Saturday, June 27 As much as it pains us, today was our first day of travelling with an extra pair of wheels. I started the day with a run and set off at 5:30 in the morning for a leisurely 10K along the path we had ridden in on. I ran through woodland and looked... Continue Reading →

Weather – 1 / Cyclists – Nil

That's a woeful scorecard isn't it. A terrible effort. The home team was definitely the winner and the visitors got a flogging. We pedalled off into the Edinburgh streets this morning, weaving and whizzing through the peak hour Friday morning traffic. The sky was grey but it was mild and humid, so it felt like... Continue Reading →

Elegant and Eclectic Edinburgh

Wednesday, June 24 Farewell, goodbye, auf wiedersehen, adieu… This morning was a morning of goodbyes. Goodbye to Len and Pauline, goodbye to our wee hoose, goodbye to a comfy couch, goodbye to heat with the flick of a switch, goodbye to a comfy bed, goodbye to sitting at a table, goodbye to a kitchen, goodbye... Continue Reading →

These Hills Were Made for Climbing

Well, I think our philosophy has become “see a hill…climb it!” because we tackled another one today. Today was again spent at a fairly leisurely pace and we didn’t do too much, so as a reflection of that slower day, this blog post will be less an account of the different things we did and... Continue Reading →

News Flash!

Stop the presses! Contact Sky News, BBC, ITV, ABC, CNN and the Upper Tewksbury Chronicle! Prepare to be astonished, amazed, astounded and just plain gobsmacked! Da da da da da daaaaaa…Steve bought some trousers today! More on that lead story later. This morning was delightful. We didn't have to be anywhere, we didn't have to pack... Continue Reading →

Rail, Running and Rugging Up

Saturday, June 20 Today was the day…train day! The sort of day I dread! Let’s see how things go with our maiden journey with British Rail! We started the day slowly and walked the bikes through Chesterfield town to pick up some travel food and then rode the mere 1km to the train station. The... Continue Reading →

Freezing and Flying

I opened the curtains in our very nice and comfy hotel room and peeked through to see what sort of day had dawned for today’s ride. What did we have? Despite hoping for sunshine, we had instead the familiar grey skies and wind blowing the trees about. Darn! This weather is becoming the meat and... Continue Reading →

Did We Miss April Fool’s Day?

Some of the things we faced today left us thinking someone must be playing a trick on us. This can not be for real! You've got to be joking! We packed up early from our campsite in Nottingham, after a little bit of drama! A police car drove in and parked near a small tent... Continue Reading →

Cycle Tourists Anonymous

Tuesday, June 16 Today we attended a meeting of the Melbourne branch of a cycle tourists support group, but I’ll get to that later! After beginning to feel the symptoms of “city fatigue” from a day spent in Birmingham and staying in Nuneaton, which was really just a big town, but still lots of traffic... Continue Reading →

The Day of Steve

I don’t know how many Mission Impossible movies have been made so far, but we had our own version today, so let’s just call ours Mission Impossible 4¾: The Day of Steve. Today we had a few tasks to accomplish for Steve, so the mission was accepted and we began preparations! Steve put on a... Continue Reading →

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