The Blue Raincoat Rides Again!

Yep, I was back in the darn blue raincoat again today! We sat at our table in the small hotel, eating our full English breakfast and looking out the window at the rain coming down. Again! Seriously! Come on now, enough! I was back in the "slicks" and we set off on our loaded bikes,... Continue Reading →

Climbs, Corners and Canals

Well, the pattern did continue and it did rain! Thankfully though it rained all night and had cleared by the morning, by which time it was only freezing cold! You know it's cold when Steve is in layers of puffer jackets and still saying he's cold. In fact he said a couple of times today,... Continue Reading →

Mud and Magic

Well, the weather had a change of heart today and we had sunshine...all day! It hit 20C! It was really warm riding and it was great! Before leaving the city we stopped at a 99p store so Steve could fill his water bottles, then I walked across the road to a health food store for... Continue Reading →

The Perfect English Day

Another mega blog I'm afraid! We haven't had any wifi for days, so there's a bit to catch up on and report. Here goes... Sunday May 24 The day dawned beautifully, quite literally, because I was there to see it! I do wish I could sleep longer and later but unfortunately I don't seem to... Continue Reading →

Oh The Rolling Hills of Dorset

Friday, May 22 Well, after a lovely sunny day of riding yesterday, what were we greeted with this morning? Rain! It started before we left, so we once again packed up the tent and all our gear while the rain came down, dressed in our fashionable "slicks" for head to toe waterproofness and set off... Continue Reading →

It’s Just So…

I made quite a few “It’s just so…” statements today! “It’s just so…lovely.” “It’s just so…perfect” “It’s just so…super dooper.” “It’s just so…gorgeous.” It was another splendid ride and the bonus was…wait for it…hold onto your hats…stop the presses…you might like to sit down…we had sunshine, all day! We left our cheap and cheerful hotel... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Village

Monday, May 18 Well, the weather forecast was right and today it rained…and rained…and rained. We sat in the tent as the clouds opened around us and the wind blew and buffeted the little tent around with ferocious gusts. It withstood the pounding though and we stayed dry within the shelter of its flapping walls.... Continue Reading →

We’re Still Here!

Just a quick note via a slow speed phone sim, to say we are still here and the blog hasn't stopped, we just have no all! Our last three campsites have had no wifi at all and two of them have been in the New Forest National Park, so definitely no wifi service!  We... Continue Reading →

Au Revoir France, Hiya England!

Today was the day we boarded the ferry in Ouistreham for the channel crossing to Portsmouth, England. We arrived nice and early, parked the bikes alongside the cars and then roamed the boat to find a good possie for the crossing. We nabbed a prime location on a comfy seat in a corner by the... Continue Reading →

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