Is There A Doctor In The House?

No, the title of today’s post isn’t because one of us is ailing in any way, rather it is yet another reference to a TV location! On another grey, rainy day and with that wind still howling fiercely, we set off across Cornwall to visit Port Isaac, the little fishing village where the TV series... Continue Reading →

Marple, Mole and Me

One final trip into Dartmouth town before leaving for the next leg of this “freewheelin’” journey that has no real plan other than to follow the plan we set on the bikes…go where the road takes us. The final visit to Dartmouth gave me a final warm glow, because of the wonderful people we continue... Continue Reading →

Thrills For A BBC Tragic

Audrey to Richard: To think that Grantleigh is in the hands of a man who has no interest in farming, doesn't go to church and now, it turns out, hasn't even heard of Winnie-The-Pooh. You think A.A. Milne is a motoring organisation, I suppose. That was just another opportunity to use my pointless super power... Continue Reading →

Let’s Ramble!

On we go, into a grey and drizzly day, but that was fine by me. We called into good ol’ Sainsbury’s to pick up some travel supplies and that’s where I saw another fine example of the small, special little things, that we don’t have at home, but I think are wonderful. In this case,... Continue Reading →

“I Think It’s Warming Up”

In the spirit of keeping up with the locals and ignoring the winter weather to embrace the great outdoors, I decided to enter a 10K run today. My new determination to defeat the winter chills wasn’t so much a baptism of fire, as a baptism of ice. A glance out the window this morning, was... Continue Reading →

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