Go West…Wagons Roll!

June 30 - Copenhagen to Esbjerg Another leapfrog day. With one eye constantly on the calendar and our July deadline, we made the decision to do another leapfrog by rail. We are making our way towards The Netherlands and to do that we have to head South. We didn’t want to backtrack, we want to... Continue Reading →

I Think We Missed The Fine Print

June 29 - Copenhagen We decided today would be a day to simply take it slow, visit a part of Copenhagen in which we could spend some time, sitting and enjoying a slower paced day, being a local. That was the plan, and…well…it wasn’t quite the plan we’d planned. We had a map with a... Continue Reading →

Is The Wind Blowing Us Backwards?

June 27 - Koge to Copenhagen There’s a heat wave sweeping through Europe at the moment. It obviously hasn’t reached Denmark. It got cool during the evening, cooler over night and this morning, it was just cold! The wind had also decided to really make itself known and it blew like billy-o during the night... Continue Reading →

“It Means Love In Russian”

June 26 - Faxe Ladeplads to Koge Cuckoo…cuckoo…cuckoo..cuckoo… No clock needed. I had the real thing. Fun fact, cuckoos do actually say cuckoo. Not an approximation of that sound, it is not onomatopoeia, they very distinctly and very clearly say, cuckoo!  No point lying around being sent slowly cuckoo myself with the chorus outside, so... Continue Reading →

The Danes Do Detours Too

June 25 - Nykobing to Faxe Ladeplads We had a few extra turns, backtracking and assistance from helpful strangers again today. We may have left the umleitungs behind in Germany but the omvejs found us in Denmark. It was a detour day.  We packed up under another blue sky, with those spectacular wispy clouds scattered... Continue Reading →

Research And Reconnaissance

June 24 - Marielyst to Nykobing Falster  I was up and off for a run at 5:00 this morning, the day already sunny and bright, but no one else about on the quiet country road, except for the occasional bus. The drivers and I exchanged waves and I happily plodded on beside the fields. Steve... Continue Reading →

It’s A Bit Draughty In Denmark

June 23 - Rostock to Marielyst I sat eating breakfast, binge watching YouTube videos of Danish lessons, trying to wrap my head around another language. I knew there’d be a lot of English in Denmark, but I always try and speak a little of the language of every country we go to, so I was... Continue Reading →

Moving On

June 22 - Berlin to Rostock We’ve been in Germany for almost a month. We’ve done and seen and experienced some amazing things. But…time to go. Time for new adventures. Time for a new country. Time to move on.  We did the maths. We looked at the time we had left to see Denmark, The... Continue Reading →

Locals In Berlin

June 21 - Berlin Our final roaming day. Time to see another side of Berlin. Time for an authentic Berlin experience. Time to roam away from the tourist hot spots and see how the locals do it. Time to see another face of this city. We set out this morning, with my cousin Lisa, to... Continue Reading →

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