Does Germany Do Prairies?

June 15 - Torgau to Kloden The thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed and the rain pelted down. That, thankfully, all happened during the night and when the day dawned, it was cloudy but fine and hot and muggy after the storm. We collected the all important laundry from reception, where it was waiting for... Continue Reading →

On Form Again

June 14 - Nixenbad to Torgau We were on form today. Back to our signature style. Some wrong turns, plans that didn’t go to plan, an unexpected pit stop. Just so us. Oh, and just letting you know in advance, the following story of today includes many references to the most compelling of subjects…laundry.  Another... Continue Reading →

That’s A Bit More Like It

June 13 - Radebeul to Nixenbad Ta-ta trains. Be seein’ ya rails. So long stations. Today we could hit the pedals again and wheel on our way, under our own puff.  When we set off, there was just one, then two little drops of rain under a grey and cloudy sky. It was cooler and... Continue Reading →

Dawdling in Dresden

June 12 - Dresden A roaming day today. We took a day to explore Dresden, a city we’d wanted to visit because of its history and we took it slow. After the hectic days of train travel, we were ready for a slower pace, a more leisurely start and we roamed the streets of Dresden... Continue Reading →


June 11 - Frankfurt to Radebeul Game day. Today was it. The second leg of our cross country rail journey and it was on. After our deliberations about where-to-next, we’re making our way to Dresden. We thought we might head for Prague, but the logistics of getting there were a bit too much of a... Continue Reading →

Half Way To A New Adventure

June 10 - Basel to Frankfurt By 10:30 last night, we’d finally decided on our new direction. We considered weather. We considered the places we’d like to see. We considered cycle routes. We decided on a destination. We consulted travel methods. It was going to involve trains. Oh dear, I thought. Here we go. Buckle... Continue Reading →

They Found Us

June 9 - Schaffhausen to Basel Those things that make riding tricky. Those things that make a day that little bit harder. Those things found us and ganged up on us today. We had a detour. We had hills. We had rain. We packed up the tent under clear skies and the day looked like... Continue Reading →

Well, That Was A Bit Wow!

June 8 - Kreuzlingen to Schaffhausen Every now and again you have that experience where you round a corner and see something that just takes your breath away and is simply…wow! I had one of those today. We set off from Kreuzlingen, back into Germany to Konstanz, introduced ourselves to the Rhein and became its... Continue Reading →

Lake Day And Treat Stay

June 7 - Bodensee With our efforts to ride beside Lake Constance proving unsuccessful in recent days, we decided to get up close and personal with that particular body of water and see it from a different perspective. The water itself.  With a final day to explore Bodensee, we decided to catch a ferry from... Continue Reading →

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