Hvala Slovenia, It’s Been Great!

May 9 - Maribor to Leibnitz How many songs have been written about rain I wonder?  Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory… Raindrops keep falling on my head… It’s raining again… I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain… I can’t stand the rain, against my window… I’m siiiingin’ in... Continue Reading →

A Slow Day

May 8 - Ptuj to Maribor We set off from Ptuj, through the cobbled streets as the town was waking up and people were beginning to go about their daily work and errands. A group of children, who looked to be pre-kinder age were being led through the streets in their high-vis vests, on a... Continue Reading →

18% + 14% + 16% = Huffing Beautiful

May 7 - Celje to Ptuj We had some hills today…some big hills…some tough hills and we huffed and puffed our way to the top, but the top was worth the effort…beautiful scenery again! The legs worked hard for it but they eyes were grateful!  We set off from Celje, the third largest city in... Continue Reading →

What a Great Ride!

May 6 - Lukovica pri Domžalah to Celje The day dawned with mist over the hills and the clock bells tolling from 5:00am. It was cold, cold, cold but not raining and there was just a hint of blue sky trying to peek between the clouds. Things were looking good. We farewelled the wonderful women... Continue Reading →

Power Puddles

May 4 - Ljubljana SLOOOSH…SWISSSHH…SHSHSHSHWOOSH… You’ve gotta love flying through puddles! Rain or no rain, you’ve just gotta love going full pelt through a puddle! It rained…again. Full, pouring, stinging the face type rain and we pedalled out in it. We had errands to run, like that trip to Decathlon to find a replacement spork... Continue Reading →

Day Trippers

May 3 - Bled After a lovely sunny, warm day yesterday with a temperature of about 21C, today became cold, raining and 12C. Just like that. We seem to be on roughly a 2:3 cycle. We have two days of fine weather followed by three days of rain. Today is the first of the three... Continue Reading →

Love It Ljubljana!

May 2 - Trieste to Ljubljana Ever gone to a place and instantly felt a vibe, a feeling, a sense that, “this is my kind of place”? Ever experienced that? That’s how I felt in Ljubljana today. Love it! The day got off to a good start and if there’s such a thing as a... Continue Reading →

Three Countries in Three Days

April 30 - Portorož to Trieste Yes, we have crossed another border…just like that… all of a sudden…we’re in yet another country! We had no plans to return to Italy on this trip, but leaving Portorož, our route took us so close to the border that we thought we’d just pop across and investigate Trieste... Continue Reading →

Pausing in Portorož

April 29 - Portorož Y’know when you put a layer of clothes on and then it’s still cold so you add another layer and then another layer until you can’t bend your arms and you can only tilt them back and forth like a Lego person? Well that was me this morning. It was COLD! ... Continue Reading →

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