Over the Border

Moving on, moving on, moving on again. We prepared to leave our friendly hotel in Menin and as we did, we had a nice chat to the proprietor. He asked about our trip and we told him about our journey so far. When we said we’d been to Spain, he said he had lived in... Continue Reading →

For Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Friday, September 11 The day started with a morning walk in the dark, across the dew saturated grass, to the campsite bathroom block. Once there, I implemented my now fluid routine for getting my token in the slot, before jumping under the water.  This shower was going to give me 7 minutes of running water... Continue Reading →

Smile and Crack a Walnut

Thursday, September 10 Well, we lost a member of our team today. Our companion that has worked so tirelessly to record magic moments, sights and scenes, weather events and daily elevenses, did  not recover from its ailments and this morning, finally passed away. Farewell, you’ve been a champion. The sad demise of the camera meant... Continue Reading →

The Canals and Cobbles of Brugge

The charm of Brugge awaited, as we strolled out into the Belgian brightness, with the sun giving us a delightful, morning treat. Brugge had been described to us by various people as everything ranging from “beautiful” to “Disneyland” to “a must see” and “too touristic”, so we set off intending to form our own opinion... Continue Reading →

City Wheels, Country Wheels

As we sat having our campers' breakfast in our room this morning, what was Steve watching on TV? He discovered an Australian series! I think it was called Packed to the Rafters. I didn't watch it when it was on at home, but apparently it was super popular and Steve discovered it this morning, on... Continue Reading →

Return to the Nylon Palace

Sunday, September 6 Today we were riding to Ghent, until we got a much, much better offer. Pat, who had been our lovely, generous host and tour guide in Mechelen, invited us to Sunday brunch at her home. How wonderful. We pedalled down the street and were welcomed into Pat’s beautiful home in the centre... Continue Reading →

Old Stories and New Friends

Friday, September 4 Ta-ta Antwerp, time to hit the road into the wide open world of Belgium. We had planned an ongoing route last night and fed the route into the GPS, so we were good to go. When we hopped on the bikes this morning though, it was to discover that the GPS had... Continue Reading →

Ambling in Antwerp

A day of roaming and getting jobs done, was on the cards for the day. We made a leisurely start and strolled out into the streets of Antwerp. It was a bit quieter this morning, which was nice and more suited to our now precious and sensitive selves, who are not acclimatised at all to... Continue Reading →

Beauty, Borders and Bottoms

Tuesday, September 1 Our little hotel in Raamsdonk offered breakfast with our room, so we took ourselves into the dining room for our first Dutch bed and breakfast. With scrumptious crusty bread on offer and very nice cereal, I was sorted and Steve took the opportunity to rekindle his love affair with pastries and happily... Continue Reading →

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