From Dunkerque To The Old Dart

Look! I think, I think that could be blue sky! It’s not raining! And look…look…I think that could be a glimmer of sunshine!! We left Dunkerque in rain, but arrived in merry ol’ England with almost, almost sunshine! We found our way to the ferry terminal in Dunkerque and proceeded through passport control. While Steve... Continue Reading →

Lives Devastated, But Life Goes On

Just a short blog post today, because nothing I have to say today is of any importance, given the events overnight. However, I will mention just a couple of ordinary, mundane things that happened, just to show that the ordinary and mundane can stare down attempts at fear and terror and the ordinary, the mundane,... Continue Reading →

Delightful, But…Disappointed

Walking out in daylight this morning, gave us our first real glimpse of the town of Modane, where we’d stayed last night. What a lovely little town, sitting in the Alps and high above, looking down on the main street, were the mountains with their snow-capped peaks. Beautiful. The air was mountain air too! It... Continue Reading →

Speeding on to Switzerland

Breakfast, sitting at a table, how delightfully civilised! What a lovely reminder of home. I enjoyed my final moments of homely comforts in our little apartment in Lille, before we packed the bikes and prepared to move on again. Off we went, for the blustery and chilly pedal into the city centre, to a different... Continue Reading →

Oh, It’s You Again

Today I was reacquainted with an old foe, that wily, wascally French wind! How did it know I was back in town!? Oh, it's you again, I thought, I remember you, oh yes, how I remember you!!! We had a very luxurious start to the day, with a leisurely breakfast and a morning cuppa while... Continue Reading →

Over the Border

Moving on, moving on, moving on again. We prepared to leave our friendly hotel in Menin and as we did, we had a nice chat to the proprietor. He asked about our trip and we told him about our journey so far. When we said we’d been to Spain, he said he had lived in... Continue Reading →

Au Revoir France, Hiya England!

Today was the day we boarded the ferry in Ouistreham for the channel crossing to Portsmouth, England. We arrived nice and early, parked the bikes alongside the cars and then roamed the boat to find a good possie for the crossing. We nabbed a prime location on a comfy seat in a corner by the... Continue Reading →

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