Roaming in the Rain

Today we had planned to stay put in Compiegne and do some roaming. Rain was forecast and the clouds did not disappoint on that score…down came the drops in a cold and relentless fashion, promising a somewhat soggy roaming experience. We caught the bus into the centre of the city and the fantastic thing about... Continue Reading →

Going Cross Country

Fair dinkum! That doofus of a GPS has taken us on some mighty strange routes at times and has got us lost or sent us up motorways and often made our cycling endeavours that bit more challenging and frustrating, but I reckon today’s efforts from the ding-bat device just about take the cake! There’s dodgy... Continue Reading →

A Day of History

Today we decided to hire a car and drive around the battlefields of the Somme. We set off in the grey, drizzly, windy morning to walk to the car pick-up and I said to Steve, “Do you think we made the right decision?” He looked at the sky and the blowing trees, “Yes, I think... Continue Reading →

Racing the Rain

We have been studying the weather forecast constantly for the last couple of days and each time we checked it, the news was grim…rain and strong winds for the rest of the week! When we checked it last night though, there appeared to be a window this morning when it would be fine, before raining... Continue Reading →

Lest We Forget

Well, there was no need to worry about missing the alarm or missing the bus, for our early morning departure to the Anzac Day dawn service. Simple reason…I didn’t go to sleep…at all! I’m now sitting on 36 hours straight with no sleep, so I hope I crash later tonight. At 1:00am I finally got... Continue Reading →

Pedalling in Peronne

Aaah, what a slow and relaxing start to the day! We only needed to pack up camp and move up the road to the hotel we had booked months ago, so we had a room to snooze in before and after the dawn service. We took things slow, knowing we couldn’t check in for a... Continue Reading →

Canals, Records and Catch Ups

First things first again…yesterday we set a new record for a single ride, riding 83km from Forges-les-Eaux to Cappy. We packed up camp and set off to ride up and out of our little valley town. For some reason, the body felt really good and my legs felt fresh, I have no idea why, so... Continue Reading →

A Cheerful Day on Country Roads

As we set off this morning out of Forges-les-Eaux we found that the GPS had actually taken us off the busy main road and onto the quiet country roads and this would be our route for the day. Beaudy! The first part of the ride involved more of those cheeky hills and a quite a few... Continue Reading →

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