Thanks for the Long Flat Road!

This morning’s ride was planned to be a bit shorter as we headed to the next available campsite and it began with a long, straight, flat section of road, that went on and on and on! Thank you! What a refreshing change from the hills that go on and on and on! The winds were... Continue Reading →

Onward and Upward

Well, I have to say I felt a little bit sore in places this morning, after yesterday’s crash and the legs didn’t have quite as much vim in them as I would have liked, knowing we were going to have to tackle some hills on today’s ride. Oh well. We headed out of Pont Audemer... Continue Reading →

A Saturday Slogfest

Now, I’m just going to preface this blog by saying, nothing I’m about to report is complaining, it’s just an account of the day, which we both found a teensy bit challenging. The morning started with a glance out the window at the trees that seemed to be moving rather quickly side to side in... Continue Reading →

Powering East

OK, first things first, we set a new record today for the longest single ride. We rode 75km today from Arromanches to Deauville. We packed up from our base camp in Arromanches in mist and drizzle and a chill in the air. My first worry was getting up the hill that would take us out... Continue Reading →

Another Ride Through History

Today we left base camp at Arromanches for a day trip ride up the coast to Omaha Beach. Before I start talking about the day though, I’ll just mention our base camp. We’re staying at a municipal campsite because it was the only one open in the area. Municipal campsites are about as basic as... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on D-Day

Today we hopped on our bikes again to head towards the Normandy coast. The morning was clear and still and mild, so much so that I actually started the ride in a t-shirt, which is a first for me, since I feel the cold so much. That just shows what a lovely morning it was.... Continue Reading →

The Caen Memorial

We'd set aside today to spend at the Caen Memorial and we did indeed spend the entire day there.   It's a blend of war memorial and museum, with information and exhibits focusing on WWII and also a specific focus on the Battle of Normandy and D-Day. It's a fantastic place and I happily spent... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Day for Riding, But…

We woke up this morning to a real pea-souper of a fog, which meant a very wet tent was packed away. It eventually cleared though into a day absolutely perfect for riding - sunny, warm, no wind, just what a cyclist wants, but…the trouble is we didn’t ride! Now, you’d be forgiven for asking the... Continue Reading →

Spring Colour

The title of today’s blog comes to you courtesy of Steve. He said the blog should be called “Spring Colour’ because we went for a walk today and Steve took lots of photos of flowers! Steve is rather partial to the floral photo and whenever we travel, he’s on the lookout for foliage to capture... Continue Reading →

Another Lovely Path

The morning that greeted us hadn’t lost any of its sogginess unfortunately. We packed up under grey skies and as we set off to leave, the drizzle started again. Damp aside though, the path we rode along was just lovely. It was a mixture of gravel cycle path alongside the river and quiet country roads.... Continue Reading →

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