What a Day!

I’m knackered. Zonked, pooped, exhausted, had it. Today we tackled: 4 train stations 3 trains 3 changes of language 5 flights of stairs 2 ridiculously high steps onto trains 1 closed hotel This blog post may be a bit truncated, because as I may have mentioned…I’m dog tired! Station #1: We arrived at Geneva train... Continue Reading →

Rare Breeds in Geneva

Now, I know I have nothing to complain about, I know I have things exceptionally good, I know I’m being very pathetic and “poor me” and I know this is most definitely a very trivial, “First World problem”, but…fair dinkum…I am about at my limit of roaming in the rain! I would really like to... Continue Reading →

Speeding on to Switzerland

Breakfast, sitting at a table, how delightfully civilised! What a lovely reminder of home. I enjoyed my final moments of homely comforts in our little apartment in Lille, before we packed the bikes and prepared to move on again. Off we went, for the blustery and chilly pedal into the city centre, to a different... Continue Reading →

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