Boo Woo Woo, Get Outa Town!

“I think we’re in England again,” said Steve as we rode into another grey, chilly and windy day. Yes, there were certainly some features of today’s ride that were quite similar to those we were doing a couple of months ago. It was a little bit warmer though, it was 14C! We got off to... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Ordinary

This little journey we are on isn’t all milestones, scenery, discoveries and pedalling through new and amazing places, sometimes it’s just about doing something ordinary. Today was that day. A day of housekeeping, chores and just spending time in the very ordinary, mundane activities of life! Consequently there isn’t much to report about today. I... Continue Reading →

From Peloton to Break Away

We had our own Giro d’Italia for the Over 40’s today! You can forget your Orica GreenEdge, Team Sky or Team BMC, we were all over those guys today! Last night Steve said, “Let’s have an early night so we can wake up and get out of this place!” so that’s what we did and... Continue Reading →

Laughing With The Locals

Saturday, September 26 Down the stairs we went, bags dangling and banging against us, hanging from shoulders and arms as we resumed our secondary personas as pack horses. The bikes were waiting for us in their position under the stairs, we loaded up and headed out of Mantova. People were out and about for their... Continue Reading →

A Good Day at the Office

Brrr, it was a bit chilly this morning as we rode out of Mirandola, but the blue sky was there, peeking through the clouds, just waiting for the sun to work its magic and burn that cloud off. We had some road riding to do today, but for the most part, the roads were nice... Continue Reading →

Ira’s In Italy!

With breakfast included at the hotel, we toddled downstairs to see what was on offer. I’m intrigued by the breakfast buffets we’ve had at hotels here and they’re quite similar to Spain. They usually include a variety of cake and biscuits, but this morning was a real spread. Muesli was on offer so we tucked... Continue Reading →

Honks, Smiles and Laughs

Arrivederci Reggio nell’Emilia, time to move on. With panniers packed and bikes loaded we set off through the busy streets, under our first cloudy Italian sky. The road was busy yet again and we breathed a sigh of relief when a bike path presented itself and we were able to stay out of the traffic... Continue Reading →

Back in the Rapids

There were signs that today was going to have a few glitches, right from the get-go. Steve was trying to load the maps for our route, onto the GPS, when he threw up his arms, “I give up! It’s too hard!” It seemed the cycle routes given on the Italian cycling website weren’t appearing on... Continue Reading →

I Think I’m Taller!

Peak hour in Piacenza is a pretty wild affair! We left our funny little motel at 8:30 this morning, straight into the bumper-to-bumper, honking maelstrom of traffic. We nudged our way through the cars and trucks, then into the city streets with their cobbles and roundabouts.   What a hectic start to the day! We... Continue Reading →

A Sun, A Splash and a Storm

Saturday, September 19 "There's sunshine! I can see blue sky too!" came Steve's words this morning as he opened the windows onto our little courtyard outside the apartment. Another day of sunshine, how simply splendid! We once again enjoyed the luxury of having breakfast at a table, then packed up our bags and bikes and... Continue Reading →

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