Embracing the Ordinary

This little journey we are on isn’t all milestones, scenery, discoveries and pedalling through new and amazing places, sometimes it’s just about doing something ordinary. Today was that day. A day of housekeeping, chores and just spending time in the very ordinary, mundane activities of life! Consequently there isn’t much to report about today. I did have a nice chat to a lady in the checkout line at the supermarket. The line was long and an employee came along and opened the checkout beside us. The lady behind me, swiftly made her move and jumped over to the newly available checkout. I went to move and asked the lady in front of me if she would like to go ahead of me. She said something in Italian, to which I replied with my apologetic script, that I didn’t speak Italian.

“Where are you from?” she asked.


“Oh, I have a brother who lives there, in Sydney.”

“Oh really,” I replied with interest.

“Yes,” she continued, “and we are about to live in London.”

“Oh,” I said, “you will have quite a change in the weather there!”

“Yes,” she said with a roll of her eyes and scrunching of her mouth, “a big change in the weather!”

We went through with our various items and then bade each other goodbye. She was very nice and it was lovely to have another friendly exchange with someone. That was probably the highlight of the day!

We will pedal on tomorrow, so wifi permitting, Wednesday’s post may be a little more extensive!

Or maybe it’s good that this post is short, so we all have more time to do the ironing, or the washing, or grocery shopping, or cooking, or… embrace the ordinary!

Just for a laugh, since there really wasn’t  much to say about the ordinary nature of the day, I will just present a visual representation of the thrilling activities that constituted our Tuesday!

We did the laundry...
We did the laundry…
...we did the grocery shopping...
…we did the grocery shopping…
...we cooked supper...
…we cooked supper…
...and we ate.
…and we ate.

And a few cups of tea in between! A productive but relaxing day. Another good one in the bag!

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