Battered and Bruised

Why can’t we get a break? Why can’t the plans that we plan just go to plan? Why do the travel gremlins have to continually conspire against us? Today should have been an easy day and it turned out to be one of the worst. We’d planned to take the 11:15  train from Barcelona to... Continue Reading →

Mmmmmm Gelaaaaaati!

Today was a roaming day in Barcelona, although we didn’t do a whole lot of it, because we spent half the day doing our organising and bits and pieces ready for the next leg of our trip. I was up at 5:30, incapable of a sleep-in, even when I had a proper bed that would... Continue Reading →

Blowing into Barcelona

Well, I thought for a minute there I might be doing this blog while clinging to a piece of roof, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea! I was very surprised our little cabin was still standing this morning because the weather was WILD all night. It genuinely felt like we were experiencing a cyclone, because the... Continue Reading →

Singin’ In the Rain

  Well, I had to miss yesterday’s blog because the motel wifi wasn’t working and the wifi is mega slow and keeps dropping out at our accommodation today. In fact, I’m sitting outside in the car to try and get a better signal in order to be able to post this. We've had a doozy... Continue Reading →

The Car Makes Wrong Turns Too!

I trotted out this morning for an early morning run and headed down the quiet road, with the sun coming up across the mountains, the thick clouds nestling between the peaks and the early morning haze settling in the valleys. I did a gentle 8km and would you believe it…I ran up a hill…and down... Continue Reading →

An Extra Two Wheels

The longest ride we did today was down the street to the car hire place to pick up our people mover van and begin our travels north via four wheels. The firm didn’t have the van we’d booked, so they upgraded us to something a bit bigger (which turned out to be helpful), so we... Continue Reading →

Ambling Around Almeria

We had a little rest day today and took it easy roaming around the streets of Almeria. The day started with sunshine, which was lovely and with wind, which was not so lovely. We strolled up the street to have a look at the Almeria Cathedral which dates back to 1524. It was built as... Continue Reading →

No Rain!

The morning started with a breakfast meeting of the Adra Procrastinators’ Club, of which Steve and I are the founding members. Should we stay put or keep riding? The weather forecast for the day was for high winds, getting worse in the afternoon. The weather forecast for the next day was for rain. We’re eventually... Continue Reading →

That’s Just Not Fair!

I’ve had some hills to climb up on this trip and so far I’ve dealt with them. I’ve also had some super dooper headwinds to ride into and so far I’ve dealt with them. But when those two things gang up on me at the same time, well that’s just not fair. Throw in the... Continue Reading →

Tent Bound

WHOOOMP! WHOOOMP! That’s what I heard all night as the tent billowed and rocked and swayed and buffeted in the gale force winds. The wind started late last night and it hasn’t stopped and it is BLOWING! The little tent has done a magnificent job to stand up to the forces being thrown at it... Continue Reading →

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