Adeus Portugal And Hola Espana

We awoke to a chilly but sunny morning on our last day in Portugal.  We had breakfast, packed up and pedalled out of one of the nicest campsites I’ve stayed in. As we were leaving, Steve called into the camp mini-mart to grab a roll or something for lunch and soon emerged with two bags... Continue Reading →

Wind is the New Hills!

Phew! It was another tough one today! We left Faro fairly early and set off into the wind, and boy was there wind! We had an awful headwind the whole way and we were on a busy road most of the way too. I was in low gears and pushing with every ounce of strength... Continue Reading →

Roaming the Streets of Faro

So today was our designated roaming day in the city of Faro. We started the day with a hotel supplied breakfast and I’ve found the breakfast buffets in the couple of hotels we’ve stayed in, quite an interesting collection of choices. This morning there were plates of cold ham, salamis and other meats, cheese slices... Continue Reading →

The Wascaly Wind!

The wind started in the night. I didn’t get much sleep as it blew and flapped the tent and I was just waiting for the THUNK when a branch of the gum tree, under which we were camping, would land on the tent. The day dawned though, without injury or damage to property, but the... Continue Reading →

The Return of the Goat Track!

We got off to an early start from our little cabin in Lagos. It was a lovely stay in a top spot. We got on the road at 8:20 hoping to beat most of the morning commuter traffic, knowing that we’d have to navigate the city centre before getting onto our cycle route. We powered... Continue Reading →

Closed on Mondays

The day dawned clear and blue and bright and gave every sign of being a cracker, weather wise. We hopped on the bus for the short ride into Lagos city to begin our day of exploring. We strolled along the esplanade beside the marina and the sun beat down and even though it was only... Continue Reading →

Lazing in Lagos

Today was a rest day. We took it nice and easy. We got up later than usual (a 6:45 sleep-in!), had breakfast while watching Sunday morning cartoons of Curious George in Portuguese and then did some washing. Nothing came up sore after yesterday’s epic day on the hills, so we went for a short little... Continue Reading →

A Long but Lovely Day

Today we set a new personal record for a single ride - we did 64km today. We set off from Porto Covo in drizzle, grey skies and a pretty strong cross wind. Before too long though, the sky had cleared and we had sunshine, blue sky and the wind at our backs. We pedalled along... Continue Reading →

Cruisin’ Along the Coast

Rest day over, I arose at 6.00am and made the dark and treacherous, head-lamp lit stroll up the road to the bathroom. On returning to the tent I lit the Trangia and put the kettle on for a morning cuppa and bowl of oatmeal. “Are you staying in bed?” I called to Steve who was... Continue Reading →

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