Lazing in Lagos

Sunrise from our little cabin
Sunrise from our little cabin

Today was a rest day. We took it nice and easy. We got up later than usual (a 6:45 sleep-in!), had breakfast while watching Sunday morning cartoons of Curious George in Portuguese and then did some washing. Nothing came up sore after yesterday’s epic day on the hills, so we went for a short little 5km shake-out ride down the road to Luz and back, just to keep the legs ticking over and keep the muscles happy. The road was quiet and the streets were quiet and it was just a nice leisurely Sunday ride. It felt weird though, being on the bike without panniers. I almost got the “weightless wobbles” because it felt so strange just being on the bike with nothing else and it felt so light and easy! When we rode back into the camping park and rode up the hill to our little cabin in the clouds, a couple of women were walking down the road and saw Steve with his pannier on the bike (one empty pannier, that we took just in case we needed to get anything while we were out, but it was empty) and one of the women smiled and commented “Oooh, heavy!!” Isn’t that lovely, to give a smile of encouragement at what looked like a challenge. We did smile…heavy!! Nope, that sure is not our heavy!!

When we got back we hung out some washing and then had a little lounge in the sun. Aaaaahhhh, bliss! It was warm and simply delightful.

Elevenses in the sunshine!
Elevenses in the sunshine!

I can see why Lagos is a popular spot, it’s very nice and we hear a lot of British accents. There are some huge houses here, the sort that would be in an episode of Grand Designs and we’ve wondered if they may be British ex-pats or British holiday homes, because there’s nothing about them that sits in the existing landscape, they stand out and are huge and square and modern and full of glass. Kevin McCloud would think they’re epic!

Continuing on our leisurely theme, we took the bus into Lagos central to get a few groceries and have a bit of a look around. We’ve decided to stay an extra day (luxury!!), so tomorrow will be our sightseeing day and today was just a bit of reconnaissance to see what’s around that we’ll explore tomorrow. While we were in the city we decided to go out for lunch, since we haven’t eaten out anywhere at all since we’ve been here. We went to a cafe near the marina, which happened to be about as un-Portuguese as you can get. The owner is Irish and sitting around us were all manner of British accents and one Canadian and the menu included fish and chips and mushy peas! Steve had a double beef burger, fries and a beer and I had a big mug of tea and a vegan salad. I had to use every ounce of restraint to stop myself simply inhaling it off the plate there and then. I’ve been craving salad, which is a bit hard to make on the road or to carry those sorts of things around, so when I was presented with a huge plate of spinach, onion, tomato, olives, beetroot, carrot, sundried tomatoes, cucumber, hummus and grilled capsicum, I think I grinned from ear to ear and tried to remember my table manners as I just wanted to shovel that delicious assortment into me as fast as possible. It was sensational! There was a lady sitting beside us with a British accent, making use of the cafe’s free wifi and obviously calling home because we heard her say, “Ooh, it’s loovly, it’s like beach weather, it’s boiling…” It was about 17C and we’d just put jackets on because we thought the wind was a bit cool, so temperature and comfort is so relative to where we come from and what we’re used to. I’m sure after all my complaining yesterday of being so cold, once we’re in the summer months and we’re climbing hills in the heat, I’ll be moaning equally about being too hot!  Like I say…swings and roundabouts…just roll with it!

A stork in its penthouse nest in the city being  a tad unneighbourly to another visiting stork.
A stork in its penthouse nest in the city being a tad unfriendly to another visiting stork.

As we were riding in the bus and I was looking out the front window, I got a sense of what it’s like for drivers when they come across us on the road. The roads are so narrow, with no room on the side of the road and with the tight blind corners, buses and traffic in general have done a magnificent job to avoid us (so far…touch wood!)

Views from our cabin
Views from our cabin


So it’s been a lovely slow day, resting up for the next round of the “battle of the hills” when it arises. Steve even bought some clippers and had a shave for the first time since arriving, so he now looks quite fresh and civilised, all ready for a tourist day tomorrow.

So for a couple of days we will thoroughly enjoy…

R ecovering

E ating

S noozing

T ouring


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