‘Oo Ordered The Weather?

July 31 - Scarborough to Bridlington Once again the weather took control today. It dictated events. It changed our plans. It scuppered the day.  There has been some extreme weather in these northern parts in the last couple of days and Yorkshire, where we are, has seen towns struck with flash flooding, roads washed away... Continue Reading →

From Cobbles To Coast And Country

July 30 - Whitby to Scarborough A morning with sunshine. You little bewdy! We pedalled down the cobbled streets and onto the Cinder Track. This is a path that follows the old Whitby to Scarborough railway line. When the original line was constructed it was laid on cinders, rather than the usual crushed stone and... Continue Reading →

This Doesn’t Look Right

July 29 - Staithes to Whitby “Are you sure?” “I don’t think we should be here.” “This doesn’t look right.” “Well, do you think it looks right?” Oh, those words were spoken more than once today as our route took us along some “interesting” paths. We pedalled out of Staithes, along the cobbled streets and... Continue Reading →

You Could Fry An Egg On That

July 28 - Stockton-on-Tees to Staithes The very nice man at reception opened Room 1 for us and we retrieved the bikes. “Thank you so much for this,” we said, “it’s so appreciated.” “Naw problem at all,” he replied. “I think that’s the most luxurious stay they’ve ever had,” I added. “Well that’s what we... Continue Reading →

Now That’s How To Ride The Rails

July 27 - Durham to Stockton-on-Tees “The other side of the road! The other side of the road!” I called to Steve.  We pedalled out into the streets of Durham and Steve straight away started riding on the right hand side of the road. I suppose we have only had one ride to adapt to... Continue Reading →

A Special Day

July 26 - Durham Just a short post today, with mainly pictures to share of another lovely city we’ve visited. Today was a roaming day, but a special day when I got to catch up with friends from back home.  My dear friends Terese and Bruce are in England visiting their daughter, so with them... Continue Reading →

Loving It Already

July 24-25 - Haarlem to Durham A ferry trip, another ferry trip, some hills and some heat as the adventure continues in merry England and I’m loving it! We set off for the short ride from the apartment in Haarlem to the ferry terminal in Ijmuiden and arrived nice and early. We had a quick... Continue Reading →

Getting Ready

July 23 - Haarlem Our last full day in The Netherlands. Our last full day in mainland Europe. Tomorrow we sail for England to continue our tour in the UK. Not much to share today, not much to report because not much happened. Today was spent getting ready to move on. I went out for... Continue Reading →

A Different Sort Of Tour

July 22 - Zuid-Kennemerland National Park After the crowded and noisy visit to Amsterdam yesterday, today we decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the built environment behind and get us some nature, with a trip out to the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park.  Are you up for another tour? We’ve done a few walking tours... Continue Reading →

Ummm, No, Not For Us I’m Afraid

July 21 - Amsterdam “The trouble with the way we travel,” I commented to Steve, “is we see so many lovely little out-of-the-way places that aren’t the big draw cards, that when we come to see the “main event” places, we’re a bit judgemental.”  What I meant by that is, we are lucky enough, on... Continue Reading →

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