A Normal Day…How Civilised!

July 20 - Haarlem When you travel this way, on bikes, out in the elements, one can’t help but feel just a little bit,  continuously dishevelled. There is always either rain to fall on us, mud to splatter on us, grease from a chain to streak up a leg, dust and bugs to land on... Continue Reading →

What’s That I Was Saying About Windmills?

July 19 - Delft to Haarlem I think I shall have to stand somewhat corrected. We still aren’t seeing any of those wind turbines that dominated the landscape in Germany and Denmark, but as for the traditional windmills we haven’t really been seeing…well…they are indeed here and we sure were seeing them today. We pedalled... Continue Reading →

Not Deft With The Digits But Delft Delivered

July 18 - Woerden to Delft deft /deft/ adjective: polished, expert, capable, sharp, skilled, proficient… Those numbers again..those NUMBERS! You would think we’d have it down by now, but noooooo. Were we deft with the digits? No, no we were not. Did we follow our numbers expertly and skilfully? No, no we did not. After... Continue Reading →

A Slight Problem With Numbers

July 17 - Amersfoort to Woerden We have been to school. We can count numbers. We can read numbers. We can even add numbers. Today we just had a slight problem finding and keeping numbers.  This morning started with a wonderful surprise…sunshine! I think this is the first morning we’ve had in The Netherlands that... Continue Reading →

Let’s Do Another Tour

July 16 - Amersfoort A week ago we did a walking tour of Bremen together. Since today, all we did was roam and take in the sights and stories of Amersfoort, I thought we could share another tour together. So, if you’d like to see a bit of Amersfoort, through some pictures, let’s take another... Continue Reading →

The Things We Find

July 15 - Arnhem to Amersfoort One of the great things about this form of travel, is what we find along the way. The things we didn’t know were there. The things that we wouldn’t find if we were travelling on four wheels unless we knew where to look. On the bikes, we stumble across... Continue Reading →

Riding The Tour de Forest

July 14 - Eerbeek to Arnhem Forget the Tour de France, the Tour de Forest was on today and we were in the thick of it. We planned a short ride today, so we could have some time for roaming and time for laundry, so we got off to a slower start. I went out... Continue Reading →

Windmill, One O’clock!

July 13 - Zwolle to Eerbeek For a country that’s stereotypically known for its windmills, there aren’t too many of them around. This, I commented to Steve yesterday as we pedalled along. In neighbouring Germany and Denmark, you can look every which way and see dozens of wind turbines, but here…nope, nada, zilch, we hadn’t... Continue Reading →

It’s All Just Lovely

July 12 - Meppel to Zwolle After yesterday’s rain, today dawned fine and as we pedalled off through the streets of Meppel, it even felt like it was going to be a warm one. Ripper! Today’s ride was completely sans GPS and all we used for navigation was my “bicycle bingo” calls as we followed... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions

July 11 - Westerbork to Meppel This weather it makes us procrastinate We flip and flop and ruminate Should we ride on, or should we stop? Should we go there, or should we not? When your brain’s all soggy and you’re all wet through It’s hard to think just what to do Decisions, decisions, they’re... Continue Reading →

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