Hello and welcome to the blog! This is the place to follow the travels of two tired teachers from Tasmania as we pedal around Europe and the UK carrying house and home on a couple of bikes and going where the road takes us.

After 20-odd years in the education game Steve and I have decided to “seize the day”, attempt an adventure and embark on our own “grand tour”. So this is us…


Heidi…runner, worrier, short (5’ nothing), vegan

Steve…cyclist, laid back, tall (6’5”), not a complete “meatarian” but nonetheless eats in a way that puts a sizeable dent in the chicken population.

So we are a couple of opposites and will be something of the little ’n large comedy hour as we run, ride and roam through Europe. We hope you’ll share the journey with us!

You can also find stories of our travels at http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/runrideroam

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  1. All the best guys. Travel safely and enjoy the experience even if it comes with a sore butt and windburn. If at all possible try to egt to Turkey, Heidi!!!! It is stunning.


  2. Saw your story on Happy Herbivore today. My wife and I are similar to you, except I’m the WFPB member of the family. I’m 48 and have been thinking of quitting my job and the two of us doing a bike tour across the US or Europe. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, but haven’t seen much about how you financed your trip and any arrangements with your employers, or if you just quit. Sounds like your dog was taken care of by your parents, but did you consider bringing him with you? Would love to hear more about the logistics if you don’t cover that in your blogs later on.

    Thanks for sharing your story. You’ve lived my dream and now I want to do something similar as well.


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