A Visit to Vic and Al’s

With a crisp clear morning and a touch of blue sky, I couldn’t pass up the chance to go for a run, so run I did. Steve came with me on the bike and I ran alongside the Thames, looking across at Docklands, watching the varied water traffic going up and down and watching the... Continue Reading →

Ready To Launch…London Ahoy!

There were two missions to accomplish today: 1.Make the maiden voyage of navigation, driving through the centre of London, to find our apartment at Canary Wharf. 2. Make the return voyage through the centre of London to return the vulgar van. Mission 1 Captain Steve took the helm again, with myself as First Officer beside... Continue Reading →

From Dunkerque To The Old Dart

Look! I think, I think that could be blue sky! It’s not raining! And look…look…I think that could be a glimmer of sunshine!! We left Dunkerque in rain, but arrived in merry ol’ England with almost, almost sunshine! We found our way to the ferry terminal in Dunkerque and proceeded through passport control. While Steve... Continue Reading →

Lives Devastated, But Life Goes On

Just a short blog post today, because nothing I have to say today is of any importance, given the events overnight. However, I will mention just a couple of ordinary, mundane things that happened, just to show that the ordinary and mundane can stare down attempts at fear and terror and the ordinary, the mundane,... Continue Reading →

Delightful, But…Disappointed

Walking out in daylight this morning, gave us our first real glimpse of the town of Modane, where we’d stayed last night. What a lovely little town, sitting in the Alps and high above, looking down on the main street, were the mountains with their snow-capped peaks. Beautiful. The air was mountain air too! It... Continue Reading →

I Waaaaant Myyyyy Biiiiiiike!!

Are forty-five year old women allowed to have tantrums? That’s what I wanted to do today, I wanted to throw a full-on tanty and stamp my foot and pout and throw myself on the ground and kick my legs and pound my fists. I’m not happy. Moan alert…this post is going to have a few... Continue Reading →

History and Culture Collide

The sun decided to have a sleep in. Instead of our glorious blue sky and sparkle, we were greeted this morning by a thick, pea-souper of a sea fog. We couldn’t see the water, which was only across the street and everything was shrouded in white mist. There mightn't have been any sun, but it still... Continue Reading →

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