Au Revoir France, Hiya England!

Today was the day we boarded the ferry in Ouistreham for the channel crossing to Portsmouth, England. We arrived nice and early, parked the bikes alongside the cars and then roamed the boat to find a good possie for the crossing. We nabbed a prime location on a comfy seat in a corner by the... Continue Reading →

Moments With the Masterpieces

Today was our last full day in Paris…sigh. Today was also Steve’s birthday, so he got to turn 45 in this beautiful city and I said it was his day, so we’d do anything he liked. He really only had two birthday requests - he wanted to ride a bike around Paris and he wanted... Continue Reading →

That Mona Lisa Smile

First the weather report: It hit 28C today! Finally, some nice warm weather! I had to break out the shorts and they haven’t seen the light of day since Seville! I dazzled the Parisians with my stunningly bright and blinding “Tassie tan”, but that’s one of the bonuses of travelling…I don’t know anyone, I will... Continue Reading →

Stories and Sparkles and How Special Is That!

STORIES AND SPARKLES Saturday, May 9 Today was again spent leisurely roaming the streets of Paris. The “Tassie Fouresome"  (myself, Steve, Len and Pauline), continued our walking and just taking in the sights of Paris. We walked up to the Pantheon, another grand building and monument commissioned by Louis XV in 1744. We eventually came upon... Continue Reading →

Plodding the Pavements of Paris

Today was a day of relaxed roaming with Steve’s mum and dad. We just plodded along, happily roaming the streets and going where the mood or corners took us. We actually began the day on another “trouser safari” as we attempted to find a pair of strides for Steve. We discovered a camping store, which... Continue Reading →

Food, Family and Footsteps

Today was a day of…sunshine! You bee-yoo-teee!! We had a lovely day for roaming, so we set off to explore Montmatre. We took our usual 45 minute bus and train trip into the city, since we’re not actually staying in Paris centre, but in Champigny-sur-Marne, about 20km out of Paris. As we left the Metro... Continue Reading →

Venturing to Versailles

With the day once again presenting us with rain, wind and cold, we decided to make the most of the weather and spend a day indoors, so we hopped on the Metro and headed for the Palace of Versailles. After nearly 90 minutes and three trains, we wandered out of the station to discover that... Continue Reading →

I Love Paris in the Springtime…

…Except when the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing! I think they left those lines out of the song. Today was very much a roaming day, in fact about nine hours of solidly roaming the streets of Paris. Yes indeed the rain did pour and we got wet, yes the wind did howl... Continue Reading →

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