Sitting + Sitcoms + Snoozing = Steve’s Super Day

Absolutely nothing to report about today.  Ab-so-lute-ly nothing! Steve was in need of a break from driving, which is understandable, since navigating the roads and traffic here takes more than the usual levels of concentration. So, he requested another self-proclaimed “slob day”, a day of just hanging around, doing nothing and going nowhere, so that was the day! Steve spent the day on his comfy couch, watching back-to-back episodes of Frasier, followed by Top Gear, followed by How I Met Your Mother, followed by The Big Bang Theory, followed by…well you get the idea! This exhausting schedule then required some recovery time, so he headed for the bed for an afternoon snooze. He got the treat day he wanted and milked it for all it was worth! Good work!

I sat in the kitchen and read, enjoying the still novel experience of sitting at a table. With still no wifi available, nothing particularly productive could happen, and with my library of ebooks now all but empty, I was happy to spend the day drinking copious amounts of tea and reading what limited pages I could find on the iPad. I kept Steve hydrated by refilling his mug with coffee or tea, or whatever was necessary to enable him to continue the exhausting journey across the landscape of American sitcoms. I did see the tail end of an episode of To The Manor Born, when I was delivering another hydrating beverage during a period of Steve’s channel surfing.  I watched the end of that, so I could say “been there” and then left the Big Fella to his televisual feast of sitcoms and drooling over the latest Jag with Jeremy Clarkson. A successful “slob day” was in the bag! The only disappointment was…no channel 61! This is the all important channel that plays The Waltons, so poor Steve has been without his visits to Walton’s Mountain for days now. What sagas are unfolding without him!? Tomorrow we move on, heading further north, to explore the rugged landscape of mountains, castles and all the wonderful surprises that Wales has waiting for us.  With today being pretty much a non-event and no new photos taken, I’ll sign off with some more from our growing collection of pub signs.













2 thoughts on “Sitting + Sitcoms + Snoozing = Steve’s Super Day

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  1. Sounds like a PERFECT DAY – hopefully I will get one of those in the near future 🙂 Not sure if I would visit Griffins Bar – doesn’t look too friendly lol That one caught my eye as my maiden name was Griffiths 🙂


    1. It sure was Steve’s perfect day! I thought the sign on Griffin’s Bar was probably how the patrons look after a few hours of supping the local brew in there!


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