Hopping From Bigg’n To Little’n

September 9 - Southampton to Cowes Pedal...pedal...pedal... “We’re going the wrong way, we should have gone down that street.” Pedal…pedal…pedal… “Stop. Turn around.” Pedal…pedal…pedal… "Seriously! We need to go back down that road.” Five months in and some things never change! We made at least four wrong turns this morning as we navigated our way... Continue Reading →

Like A Sunday Drive On Two Wheels

September 8 - Salisbury to Southampton Aah, the Sunday drive. That timeless activity of hopping in the family car and taking off for a leisurely drive through the countryside, often with the driver wearing a hat of some variety, generally of questionable style. Well, our ride today could be classed as the cycling form of... Continue Reading →

That Detour Was Worth It

September 7 - Warminster to Salisbury The magic days just keep coming. Another absolute pearler. We’ve had a few detours to contend with over the last few months and we had another one today. Today’s though, was entirely of our own choosing and it was worth it.  We pedalled out of Warminster, along a path... Continue Reading →

Time To “Be” In Bath

September 5 - Bath Sometimes it’s nice to just “be”. In fact, not sometimes, anytime it’s possible, it’s nice to just “be”. Not rushing to do things, not feeling a need to go places or see things, no hurrying…just time to “be”. That’s what we did today in Bath. It was nice that we’d been... Continue Reading →

Bristol To Bath…Bonza!

September 4 - Bristol to Bath After yesterday’s lovely but hilly ride, today was the opposite on one of those counts. It was still lovely but anything but hilly. It was a very relaxed day and it was brilliant. We left Bristol later than usual after spending a bit of time roaming around in the... Continue Reading →

Hectic But Happy

September 2 - Barry to Newport I think we can probably chalk up today’s ride as a commute rather than a tour. It felt a bit like we were just getting from one place to another because we spent most of it beside roads and it was very, very busy. I managed to fit in... Continue Reading →

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