From Moo Crew to Murals

Oh, those sunrises. It might mean setting off early to run, but I never tire of seeing those vivid pinks and reds lighting up the horizon as the sun wakes up and spreads that early morning pallet of colour across the sky. It’s just magic. I set off for a 16km run along the country... Continue Reading →

Big Trees and Little Falls

The third and final instalment of our run, ride, roam trip to Stanley. After a simply lovely weekend in Stanley, it was time to head home. We took it at a leisurely pace, driving the long way around and stopping to have a look at some places that leave us, as local Tasmanians, feeling embarrassed... Continue Reading →

Roaming Around That Big Nut

Yes, the blog is back. It’s been a while. Quite a while. It’s time to resurrect one’s jottings of experiences and give them a place on the blog page once again. Steve and I have decided to toddle off on another run, ride, roam adventure next year, hitting the pedals again to scale hill and... Continue Reading →

Home Life And Bike Life

I’ve had a few people ask me if there were going to be any updates on our life post-grand tour. So, here goes. I think it’s called an adjustment period. That time when your body is in one place but your mind is far, far away. I’m still in that phase. Steve has returned to... Continue Reading →

The Homecoming

Countdown to Arrival: 2 Days Time to psych myself up for another day of flying. Another day of hoping the plane goes up and down where it’s supposed to and when it’s supposed to and most definitely does not come down at any time or place that is not scheduled! We made it through check-in... Continue Reading →

Farewells, Flying And Friends

Wednesday, January 6 - Thursday January 7 “*&#@!** roundabouts!!!!” shouted Steve. Well, he had to throw one final round of abuse at his old traffic nemesis, as we navigated our way through the outer London streets. The roundabouts sure were doozies. They were double and triple wammies, a bit like driving through the Olympic rings.... Continue Reading →

Draining The Last Drops

Just a touch of the glums today, with nagging thoughts of this being our last full day in England. Time was taken up with organising some things like laundry, a final wash of the bikes and then padding them up and packing them into their boxes for their journey. We also did a trial run into the... Continue Reading →

Murder And Mystery Monday

  The small man entered the room, a dapper gentleman, even dandy one could say. He surveyed the sunlit room, assessing the seating options before selecting a straight backed, wooden chair that would allow him to avoid the bright light streaming through the window. He pulled a crisp, white handkerchief from his breast pocket, unfolded... Continue Reading →

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