Thanks Darl

Well, we decided it was time for another outing, just slightly further afield than our own neighbourhood and so we hopped in the recently purchased car and headed back up to Cradle Mountain for a weekend of peace and plodding. Steve was very excited to be taking the recently purchased car to the spiritual home... Continue Reading →

Back on the Western Rails

Day 2 of exploring the western wilderness by rail... Time to head back from the West and head north to our coastal home. On the way though, we’d planned another train trip, this time from Queenstown into the rainforest. Between our ride from Strahan to Dubbil Barril and now from Queenstown to Dubbil Barril, we... Continue Reading →

The Island Trilogy

We are island folk down here. We live on an island state, of an island country that is also an island continent. Around our little island home are some other small islands dotted about the coast. While travelling further afield is still not on the cards, we’ve been exploring our own patch a little more... Continue Reading →

Calling Lonely Planet

The final delayed instalment to the Flinders Island exploration. “Were’s Lonely Planet!?” asked Steve, sweeping his arms across our surroundings, which were made up of granite boulders, pristine beach, crystal clear water, sunshine and not another human to be seen, “it’s better than the Bay of Fires and no people!” We had indeed stumbled upon... Continue Reading →

Defying the Turtle

January 8, 2021 The very delayed, but continuing story of our trip to Flinders Island... When it comes to being a cyclist, I think it’s safe to say I’ve done a bit of pedalling. Thousands of kilometres in those amazing far away places, up hill and down, on roads and through paddocks, up goat tracks... Continue Reading →

Thumbs Up To The Thumbs

“Are we going up there?” I asked, pointing to the towering, tree covered hill before us. “I thought we’d already climbed three,” came Steve’s reply. “I guess that’s the third,” I said, as we forged on. After a top day on the bikes cruising around Maria Island, we decided to do some rambling, which in... Continue Reading →

Underground, Overground, Wombatting Free

“Wombaaaaat!!” I announced, with a face-shattering grin. “One, two, three…seven…eight… wombats everywhere!” I could not have been more stoked and excited to see not just one of these elusive, furry, dumpy, waddling little animals, but dozens of them. Oh, happy day! When we walked around Cradle Mountain earlier in the year, I had been on... Continue Reading →

A Bit of French Green

When we were pedalling about in glorious and gorgeous Europeans locales, I often commented on the colours we were seeing.  “The green’s just a different green,” I would say, “we don’t have that sort of green at home.” True, I had not seen some of the colours we were seeing there, in our Tasmanian landscape.... Continue Reading →

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