Back into the Countryside

A new Monday, a new week and a new direction. Off we pedalled out of Cambridge and in the general direction of London, to see how far we would get today. The ride out of Cambridge was a nice one, along the river, through the back streets and we mingled with the multitude of cyclists... Continue Reading →

A Run, A Pub and a Song

I got to enter another 10K today, which was a lot of fun. I ran the Race for Life, which are a series of events held in many different locations and they raise money for cancer research. The sun shone and we made our way back to Parkers Piece, where we had watched a cricket... Continue Reading →

Excuse me…Sorry…No thank you…

Excuse me…no thank you…no thank you…excuse me…sorry… That was today’s chorus! The plan for the day was to roam around Cambridge, a city I had envisioned as historic, cobbled, genteel and full of cyclists. The sun shone again! We’re on a roll! The wind was still there, but it’s so much more bearable when you... Continue Reading →

How Much Further?

A sure sign of a tough ride is when I start my chorus of “What’s the distance now?” “How much further?” “How far have we got left?” I’ve only sung that chorus once before since being in England and that was a day early on when it was freezing cold and we had pouring rain,... Continue Reading →

What a Difference the Sun Makes!

Farewell, goodbye, safe travels… This was our absolute final farewell to Len and Pauline, Steve’s parents, as they headed towards Manchester and then their flight home to Tassie. It’s been wonderful to have been able to catch up with them three times now, in three different countries - France, Scotland and England. We have rendezvoused... Continue Reading →

Charming Places and Friendly Faces

Tuesday, July 14 Oh, Market Rasen, you are not giving us the best of greetings or farewells. Come on now! We arrived in town in the rain and as we prepared to leave this morning, it was, once again, raining! The  continual grey skies, mist and drizzle are, on the one hand, a little bit... Continue Reading →


On your marks…get set…GO! And they're off, the two cyclists have set off at a cracking pace, they take the bend, and they’re round the corner, ooh they’re slowing down, but no, they’ve regained momentum and they’re taking the hill, they’ve left the peloton behind them and they’re powering ahead. Oh, what a swift tactical... Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle Again

Saturday, July 11 Today was the day! Time to get back in the saddle and back on the bikes and hit the pedals once more. Yay! The day dawned warm and sunny and we packed up our gear, loaded up, mounted our steeds, got a feel for them again and prepared to ride out of... Continue Reading →

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