Riding The Tour de Forest

July 14 - Eerbeek to Arnhem Forget the Tour de France, the Tour de Forest was on today and we were in the thick of it. We planned a short ride today, so we could have some time for roaming and time for laundry, so we got off to a slower start. I went out... Continue Reading →

Windmill, One O’clock!

July 13 - Zwolle to Eerbeek For a country that’s stereotypically known for its windmills, there aren’t too many of them around. This, I commented to Steve yesterday as we pedalled along. In neighbouring Germany and Denmark, you can look every which way and see dozens of wind turbines, but here…nope, nada, zilch, we hadn’t... Continue Reading →

It’s All Just Lovely

July 12 - Meppel to Zwolle After yesterday’s rain, today dawned fine and as we pedalled off through the streets of Meppel, it even felt like it was going to be a warm one. Ripper! Today’s ride was completely sans GPS and all we used for navigation was my “bicycle bingo” calls as we followed... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions

July 11 - Westerbork to Meppel This weather it makes us procrastinate We flip and flop and ruminate Should we ride on, or should we stop? Should we go there, or should we not? When your brain’s all soggy and you’re all wet through It’s hard to think just what to do Decisions, decisions, they’re... Continue Reading →

Playing Bicycle Bingo

July 10 - Winschoten to Westerbork Today had a bit of everything. Changeable scenery, some familiar challenges, some open road and…no rain…and…hardly any wind! You little bee-yoo-tee! We pedalled off this morning, along a dedicated bike path, to begin our day of “Bicycle Bingo”. One of the great things about riding in The Netherlands is... Continue Reading →

Hello Nellie, It’s Nice To Be Back

July 9 - Bremen to Winschoten And just like that, we left Germany and found ourselves in The Netherlands. Another country. Another language. Another adventure. We packed up and prepared to leave Bremen, lugging all our panniers down to the bikes waiting in the underground car park. It’s no wonder we get surprised looks when... Continue Reading →

Beauty, Borders and Bottoms

Tuesday, September 1 Our little hotel in Raamsdonk offered breakfast with our room, so we took ourselves into the dining room for our first Dutch bed and breakfast. With scrumptious crusty bread on offer and very nice cereal, I was sorted and Steve took the opportunity to rekindle his love affair with pastries and happily... Continue Reading →

Slow Cycling Champions

What a ripper of a storm! It rained and hailed with thunder and lightning, all night! The little tent was appreciative of dodging that one! By the morning, the storm had stopped its tantrum and gone off to be angry somewhere else, so we had a clear and muggy morning to ride into. The town... Continue Reading →

Fun in the Sun

The Netherlands just keeps throwing the splendour at us and we’re feelin’ the love! The morning was absolutely glorious and we pedalled along in sunshine, not a breath of wind, beautiful countryside and quiet, peaceful paths. We had some roads to ride on this morning, but they were pretty quiet. “Can it get any better... Continue Reading →

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