Layer Upon Layer of Beautiful

The sun came out! A Magic Monday beckoned as we set off on the bikes to run some errands nearby, starting the ride in puffer jackets and stripping off layers by the time we returned. With supplies gathered early, in the local fashion by loading up the bikes with our groceries, we dropped things off... Continue Reading →

So Much to Like

There sure was so much to like today, right from the start! I was woken at 5:00am by the sound of rain above and since it wasn’t going to stop, I sure wasn’t going to get back to sleep. The good thing about our little apartment though, is that I could get up and go... Continue Reading →

Forward to Firenze

The plan for today was to head closer to Florence, so with only a short ride ahead of us, albeit under grey skies again, we left a little later than usual and set off pedalling. We managed to keep out of the traffic most of the way, with cycle lanes on the road, or at... Continue Reading →

The Return and Recover Mission

I mentioned in the last post that Steve wasn’t wearing his usual blue raincoat for our soggy cycle yesterday. Well, the story in brief is this…when we arrived at Barberino di Mugello and were consulting the weather for the next day and saw that we were in for a wet ride, I asked Steve the... Continue Reading →

Mountain Climbing

Sunday October 11 Well, today was really just a nothing kind of day. We spent it in front of computers and iPads, trying to finalise arrangements, plans and bookings for the remainder of the trip. We still didn’t get everything done, but made some progress with the things that need doing. We did stop for elevenses... Continue Reading →

I Think We’re in a Hitchcock Movie!

Thursday, October 8 Sometimes the mundane gets in the way of the interesting. Today's ride was held up slightly by the Code Orange laundry situation. We'd been having some trouble finding a lavandaria, so when we located one that was on our route out of Rovigo, we decided to take the opportunity while it presented... Continue Reading →

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