Turn Left At Memory Lane

We left Lincoln for the second time this trip, having found it a lovely place to visit on both occasions. As we rolled out of town, we stopped off at Waitrose supermarket for some travel supplies. I love Waitrose. It’s the sort of supermarket I like to go to every now and again when we... Continue Reading →

It’s Behiiiiiinnnnnnd Yooouuuuuu!!!!

What a super Sunday! What a top day trifecta! First…sunshine! SUN-SHINE!!! Second…another superb Sunday lunch Third…a rollicking good time at a Christmas panto! A crisp, clear, sunny winter’s day was the perfect day for some roaming under a brilliant blue sky. Just superb. We strolled around the lovely city of Lincoln, along the cobbled streets,... Continue Reading →

Through Village And Vale

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin.   The locals knew better. It was only the visitors, the passers through, the unknowing and naively trusting, who fell victim. Arthur was just passing through. A Yorkshire country lad, he was brimming with excitement and just a pinch of nerves, as he urged his steed on,... Continue Reading →

Posh Pretenders

By jingo we’ve seen some nice places in our travels. We’ve seen gorgeous scenery, beautiful towns and charming villages and today just added to the list. Harrogate is a lovely town, although I think it’s a bit of a posh town, so not somewhere we technically belong! You know you’re in a well-to-do place when... Continue Reading →

Onward O’er Yon Peak And Dale

On the road again. A day of travel. A day of getting to a destination. A day of enforced confinement in the van. However…as we zipped along, in our least favourite mode of travel, we did again have the beautiful, stunning, glorious scenery all around us. A shame it was speeding by again, but splendid... Continue Reading →

Pedalling Through The Peak District

We  journeyed through the Peak District today and I thought I’d relate the experience, just through pictures and verse. I know I’m hopeless at anything poetic, but sometimes I like to do it, just for a change and a challenge! Feel free dear readers, to laugh at the attempt, I won’t mind a bit! With... Continue Reading →

That Was Sensational!

Brrrrr, the weather report for the day was “heavy rain, 5C, feels like 1C”. It was a bit nippy! It was a day to hit the road and continue our onward journey, so on the way we called in to another National Trust property to have a look. We’ve joined the National Trust, so as... Continue Reading →

Thar’s No Trooble At T’Mill

A Sat’dee visit t' t’mill to make sure everythin’ was runnin’ smoothly. Quarry Bank Mill look’t grand even if the rain were pourin’t down. She’s bin standin’ ‘ere, meckin’ our cotton since 1783 and she’s still standin’ strong and still doin’ ‘er work. The machinery an't looms were runnin’ and’t noise were deafenin’ as it... Continue Reading →

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