The Fifth Beatle

A day exploring Liverpool. A day for Steve to journey to his own Mecca. A day for the Tasmanian fifth Beatle. She's got a ticket to ride She's got a ticket to ride She's got a ticket to ride… on the train from Hoylake into the big city of Liverpool. We walked down the street... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shopping Can Take Years Off

What a wild night! The wind and rain didn’t let up and pounded the roof and windows and was still going as light began to spread across the sky. Possibly a day for an indoor activity, despite our new found Britishishness, that sees us embrace the great outdoors no matter the conditions, something we find... Continue Reading →

Feeling Festive and Being British

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town… That’s what we heard as we entered the Sainsbury’s self-checkout this morning. No, not from the piped Christmas carols that take over the air space in supermarkets at this time of year, but from... Continue Reading →

The Maiden Welsh Wheel

It was chilly, it was raining, it was windy, but…we got on the bikes for our first pedal in Wales. Despite the all too familiar weather conditions, it was a lovely ride through the parks and back roads of Cardiff. The parks were beautiful in their post-autumn and winter wardrobes of golds and greys and... Continue Reading →

I Think They Knew I Was Coming

Well, let’s start having a look around Wales, that was the plan for the day. Armed with the online research that gave us the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Wales”, we set off to make our way through the list, starting with the ones in our general area. First stop was Chepstow, which was... Continue Reading →

Lawnsten to Leeks

There was tension on Walton's Mountain this morning. Where was Mary Ellen going to have her baby? There was disagreement and discord in the extended Walton family. "You will have it in the hospital!" her doctor husband informed her quite forcefully. "I don't like hospitals, they smell," chimed in Mr Walton, in Mary Ellen's defence.... Continue Reading →

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