On Wheels And Waves We Go

August 8-9 Liverpool to Belfast Time to head over the water to Irish shores. We rode through Albert Dock to board the early ferry ‘cross the Mersey in order to catch the big ferry over the Irish Sea. The ferry came in and was chokka block with cyclists and commuters and I watched the man... Continue Reading →

Learnin’ In Liverpool

August 7 - Liverpool We thought our discoveries today, should involve some learning about this city of Liverpool. We visited Liverpool on our last cycle tour and did the Beatles experience and that side of the city’s story, so today we thought we’d learn a different side of Liverpool’s backstory.  After a morning spent in... Continue Reading →

Choofing Off To Chester

August 6 - Liverpool to Chester After our aborted ride yesterday we thought we’d redeem ourselves by having an outing on the bikes today. We were in need of a nice town or village, with some history and some roam worthy features, so we decided to pedal off to Chester. It wasn’t raining. Yay. It... Continue Reading →

These Pants Have Wings Of Gold

August 5 - York to Liverpool Talk about flying by the seat of our pants! I think today’s round of changed plans and on-the-spot decision making just about takes the cake. I reckon this is gold standard for us, as far as starting the day with one plan and ending it completely and totally NOT... Continue Reading →

When A Crowd Can Be Fun

August 4 - York Yesterday’s attempt at roaming in York wasn’t too successful on account of the sardines situation - that is, being packed as tightly as aforementioned sardines, in amongst all our fellow visitors and tourists in this lovely city. Today I got to see the city again, in another crowd, but this time... Continue Reading →

The Human Undertow

August 3 - Goole to York The fog found us again and the surroundings were cloaked in mist this morning, which actually made Goole look quite nice. It soon cleared, we packed up and hit the road, back on the Trans Pennine Trail. We were beside roads and then through some more lovely little villages.... Continue Reading →

Rain Shmain!

August 2 - Hull to Goole Zone Leader to Gold Command, come in Gold Command. Gold Command receiving, go ahead Zone Leader. Tasmanian Cyclists approaching, permission to activate Tactic 57, Paragraph 6b., sub-clause IV? Permission granted Zone Leader, do you have Operatives in place? Affirmative, Red 1 is in place and awaiting my Go. I... Continue Reading →

‘Oo Ordered The Weather?

July 31 - Scarborough to Bridlington Once again the weather took control today. It dictated events. It changed our plans. It scuppered the day.  There has been some extreme weather in these northern parts in the last couple of days and Yorkshire, where we are, has seen towns struck with flash flooding, roads washed away... Continue Reading →

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