Cruisin’ Along the Coast

Rest day over, I arose at 6.00am and made the dark and treacherous, head-lamp lit stroll up the road to the bathroom. On returning to the tent I lit the Trangia and put the kettle on for a morning cuppa and bowl of oatmeal. “Are you staying in bed?” I called to Steve who was... Continue Reading →

A Pause in Proceedings

Today we stayed put in our little camp under the pine trees and had a bit of a rest day, so we could do some general housekeeping, rest the legs, have a snooze and not be rushing to get up and going. The first activity was to get some laundry done, so off we went... Continue Reading →

Some More Wrong Turns

The day dawned mild and clear without a breath of wind at the delightful Sublime. We packed up, had our campers’ breakfast of oatmeal and muesli bars in our room and then set off to settle the weighty bill. The manager, the lovely Goncalo was sitting eating his breakfast near reception. “Are you having breakfast?”... Continue Reading →

A Sublime End to the Day

After a comfy night's sleep in Setubal, we headed upstairs in the hotel to our all-inclusive breakfast and ate our fill of fruit, muesli, tea and for Steve, hot chocolate and croissants. We headed out for a short roam around the city, up and down some of those familiar looking and gorgeous little back alleys... Continue Reading →

Up, Up, Up

Sunday, February 22 Today was a day of climbing. One hill after another after another, on and on they went, up, up, up we went. We packed up our tent at our little patch of grass at the campsite at Lagoa de Albufeira after a chilly but relatively comfortable night. The sleeping mats stayed inflated,... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Lost

Saturday Feb. 21 I nearly didn’t have time to write this blog, I’ve been fielding calls from Vogue wanting us to be on their next cover because we’ve made such a fashion statement today! Steve in his shorts and thermal leggings, waterproof socks and sandals and parka. Me in my baggy skirt over leggings to... Continue Reading →

A Delightful Detour

Today was a roaming day and we decided to detour slightly. We left the bikes in the cabin in the woods and took the train north to Sintra. First we had to find the train station, which we’d decided to walk to, following…oh dear…the GPS! Well, let’s just say the route it gave us was... Continue Reading →

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