Ambling Around Almeria

We had a little rest day today and took it easy roaming around the streets of Almeria. The day started with sunshine, which was lovely and with wind, which was not so lovely. We strolled up the street to have a look at the Almeria Cathedral which dates back to 1524. It was built as... Continue Reading →

No Rain!

The morning started with a breakfast meeting of the Adra Procrastinators’ Club, of which Steve and I are the founding members. Should we stay put or keep riding? The weather forecast for the day was for high winds, getting worse in the afternoon. The weather forecast for the next day was for rain. We’re eventually... Continue Reading →

That’s Just Not Fair!

I’ve had some hills to climb up on this trip and so far I’ve dealt with them. I’ve also had some super dooper headwinds to ride into and so far I’ve dealt with them. But when those two things gang up on me at the same time, well that’s just not fair. Throw in the... Continue Reading →

Tent Bound

WHOOOMP! WHOOOMP! That’s what I heard all night as the tent billowed and rocked and swayed and buffeted in the gale force winds. The wind started late last night and it hasn’t stopped and it is BLOWING! The little tent has done a magnificent job to stand up to the forces being thrown at it... Continue Reading →

Up We Go Again!

It was a beautiful morning to start the day in Almunecar. We left our nice little hostel and pedalled out of town along the nice flat esplanade by the water, the same one that I had run along yesterday. The weather forecast had been for showers and 16C so we rugged up and Steve put... Continue Reading →

Spanish Hills!

Today we had our first ever completely flat start to the day! For the first 25km we had a beautiful flat ride along the coast in amongst the sea of lycra! It was a kaleidoscope of colour with cyclists of every age, shape and size absolutely everywhere up and down the road, with the occasional... Continue Reading →

Trading Bike Wheels for Train Wheels

Today we said goodbye to Seville. This has been one of my favourite places and it’s a place I could  certainly happily live for a while. Not long term obviously, but I could happily spend an extended period of time in Seville. It has beautiful buildings, parks and plazas, nice weather, it’s very vegan friendly... Continue Reading →

Blending In

Today was just a day of blending in with the folks of Seville as we took it easy, did some roaming and some organising. After looking at the map and finding it’s about 120km to the next campsite, we decided not to set that sort of record in a single ride and to take a... Continue Reading →

A Donut Day!

Just a short post today because we had a fairly quiet day. We planned to cycle out to the Plaza de Espana today and along the way stop at a laundrette to do some washing. On the way there, we stopped off at a little vegan bakery that I’d read about, to have a quick... Continue Reading →

Stunning Sevilla

I love Seville. It’s a beautiful city. Simple as that! Today was a roaming day and in the beautiful Seville sunshine, we roamed the streets and cathedrals of this lovely place. The buildings and architecture are beautiful, I love the different plazas with their central fountains or statues and I love that the city has... Continue Reading →

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