Blending In

Today was just a day of blending in with the folks of Seville as we took it easy, did some roaming and some organising. After looking at the map and finding it’s about 120km to the next campsite, we decided not to set that sort of record in a single ride and to take a train instead. We walked out to the train station and bought ourselves some tickets to Cordoba with the bikes getting their own tickets and own place to sit.



Then the day was really just a quiet one, walking around the city, sitting in the sun on a bench to have some lunch and then wandering back to the hotel. Later in the day we did a bit more research and found that even riding from Cordoba, there aren’t a lot of campsites between there and the coast, so we decided to change our plans and take the train south to Malaga. We grabbed the bikes and set off for a late afternoon pedal back to the train station to enquire about changing our tickets. Talk about peak-hour on the bike paths! We two wheelers were zipping in and out all over the place. The bike paths were full and cyclists here set a cracking pace, so we were speeding along, weaving in and out of people and bikes, for an afternoon adrenalin rush. We managed to change our tickets, so tomorrow we’re heading south to the tourist hot spot of Malaga. Steve has been following the weather and there’s some very unfriendly weather on its way, with places further north getting snow and rain. So, it seemed a better choice to stay south for a while longer and make our way along the coast before heading north.



We went out for our final meal in Seville and we still can’t get used to sitting in a restaurant and having people around us smoking. We haven’t had smoking in restaurants for so long at home, that seeing so many people here smoking and all the cigarette vending machines around, that we haven’t had in Australia for more than 20 years, it’s something that really stands out to us. Afterwards we did a quick and chilly walk around the city streets so see some more of the city at night. The cathedral and the winding city laneways did look a picture all lit up.








This is a museum. The locals call it “the mushroom”


A quiet day means a shorter blog post. So the time you’ve saved from not having to read one of my long and wordy rambles, means you are now free to do something thoroughly enjoyable… relaxing… new…exciting…what shall it be? Go forth…you are free!

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