An Easier Day

May 25 - Deggendorf to Straubing After the hiccups of yesterday, today was a whole lot easier and we took it easy - a shorter ride and taking our time along the way to stop and look at things, visit some towns and not a detour to be seen. I got the day off to... Continue Reading →

Aaaaaand We’re Back

May 20 - Au an der Donau to Linz Aaaaaand we’re back. After a short interlude of three days with fine weather, normal programming has been resumed. It rained. Again.  I got in a short, quick run this morning back along the Danube path. What an absolutely top spot to run. Having a path to... Continue Reading →

Allo, Allo

May 18 - Krems to Melk “Hallo" is the one German word I feel confident saying, since it’s a direct translation of “Hello” and virtually identical so it rolls off the tongue with ease. So confident am I in the use of this one word, that I was reciting it with abandon today. We packed... Continue Reading →

Return To The Nylon Palace

May 17 - Tulln to Krems Blue sky! There’s actually blue sky! What a start to the day. I headed out for an early morning run and the sky was clear and there was blue over there between the clouds and it was looking like being a ripper day. I took a 10K trot along... Continue Reading →

Palace Perambulations

May 15 - Vienna The day dawned very cold and drizzly and I once again took a trot around the Augarten, for a quick, short early morning run, passing some familiar faces from yesterday and greeting some new ones. A chilly but top start to the day. The weather decided to crack up even further... Continue Reading →

Well, That Was Better

May 14 - Vienna What a difference some stories make. We managed to do a walking tour today and some information and guided roaming turned yesterday’s itsty-bitsy day into something far more enjoyable. The day was already off to a good start because I got out for a run. Leaving Steve to his slumber once... Continue Reading →

Day Trippers

May 3 - Bled After a lovely sunny, warm day yesterday with a temperature of about 21C, today became cold, raining and 12C. Just like that. We seem to be on roughly a 2:3 cycle. We have two days of fine weather followed by three days of rain. Today is the first of the three... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ Some Magic

May 1 - Trieste l like Trieste. Trieste is a nice city. I’m feelin’ some Italian magic! The sun shone today in a cloudless sky and it was perfect for a gentle roam through the streets and piazzas of Trieste. We strolled across the grand Piazza Unita d’Italia that we had ridden past on our... Continue Reading →

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