Pretty Close to Perfect

April 19 - Zagreb to Tusilovic “Do I look like a dork in this?” That was the pressing question asked by Steve before we set off this morning. Hmmm, how do I answer that?  Time to leave Zagreb and hit the open road. We put foot to pedal at 7:30 am and off we went.... Continue Reading →

The Green Man Loses His Edge

Time to hit the pedals again and ride out of the city to the outskirts and stock up on essentials at Decathlon, one of our go-to outdoor superstores. We thankfully had a bike path most of the way and when we didn’t, we opted for the footpath when it was clear and we wouldn’t be... Continue Reading →

Roaming Freestyle

In bed at 9:00pm and up at 3:00am, so six hours in the depleted sleep bank wasn’t a lot but a whole lot better than nothing.  Today was a roaming day and we did it freestyle, despite having a mission to accomplish and places to go. We set off into the sunshine again, yes…sunshine! We... Continue Reading →

And It Was All Going So Well

…and so it continues. April 16: Zagreb We landed in Zagreb and breezed through passport control, then on to baggage claim. There, on the belt waiting for us were the two big bags and then, over at the large item claim stood the two bikes, safe and in one piece. The baggage area was big... Continue Reading →

Many Many Zeros

We knew we had excess baggage and we new the charge was going to involve more than one zero but we couldn’t have predicted there would be quite this many zeros. My response as I walked away from the check-in desk? NO WAY!!! But I get ahead of myself.  Up and at ‘em this morning... Continue Reading →

The Final Countdown

[Insert soft rock classic from 1986 here!] It’s the fiiiinal countdownnnnnn….Na na na naaah, na na na na naaaa… Time to consult the list and tick off some of the last minute preparation jobs. First on the list…haircut. After spending an extra 5 minutes in the shower trying to drag knots out of my hair... Continue Reading →

One to Go

One week to go until lift off and we wing our way to Croatia to begin the next adventure. With that time frame in mind, a week until we leave with busy days between now and then, we thought perhaps we should do something that remotely resembled preparation. So…time to think about what to pack... Continue Reading →

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