One to Go

One week to go until lift off and we wing our way to Croatia to begin the next adventure. With that time frame in mind, a week until we leave with busy days between now and then, we thought perhaps we should do something that remotely resembled preparation. So…time to think about what to pack and recommence the Maths calculations on weighing everything to the last gram.

I pulled out everything I thought I’d need to wear for a six month pedalfest, most of which I took with me last time (booo to fast fashion, buy things to last folks!) and began laying out tops, bottoms, jackets and layers to see what I might need for every weather eventuality in more countries than we ventured into last time.

This is what I’ll have with me…


which packed up into our little neat pouches…


that fitted into my rack pack…


and weighed…wait for it…wait for it…7.01 kg. Stoked! That’s the limit for carry on luggage. So, including the weight of the bag I managed to get everything I’ll need to wear for 6 months down to carry-on size and weight. Winner! At least that won’t factor into our excess baggage bill. 

Steve meanwhile started doing some tinkering with his bike. Last week he bought a new tyre, so it was time to fit that to the steed. On the last trip Steve had a total of six punctures, most of which seemed to happen on days when it was either a) cold, b) windy, c) raining, d) all of the above. The vivid memories of shivering on the side of the road, with an upside down bike, holding an inner tube as Steve prised yet another flat tyre off the rim, are still just that, vivid memories indeed. But then, so many days were cold, wet and windy, that it was really just another day at the office with a puncture thrown in. So…a new tyre was to be fitted, which Steve had declared a top-notch brand and make, so we are hoping for a reduction in the puncture stats this time around. Thankfully I went puncture-free last time so here’s hoping that little silver lining keeps on shining second time around.

On goes the new fancy shmancy tyre

The weather today in our little part of the world has been a little grey, a little windy and a little drizzly. So…what better weather to head out for a bike ride to acclimatise myself to the weather we will no doubt face on a near-daily basis on our cycling adventure. As we have experienced woeful weather on such numerous occasions, and with predictable regularity, while cycle touring,  we feel we can now safely label as incontrovertible fact that we attract the weather demons. No, no, don’t cry fake news to me, this one is truth, fact, totally free from fibs and made up twaddle, this is indeed evidenced-based fact. We will have lousy weather, because we are bringers of said lousy weather. Sorry in advance to all locals of the towns we will be passing through, if you had delightful sunshine yesterday, you will have rain, wind and possibly hail as we pass through, to be followed swiftly by a resumption of your regular sunshine and warmth. So, knowing these facts, I thought I might as well get in some wet pedalling in advance. Steve decided not to ride, but to stay and continue his bike maintenance. 

Off into the drizzle

I tootled over to the village and yes, it rained and yes, I got wet and yes, it was windy and yes, the wind was of the headwind variety. 

Aah, so familiar.

When I returned, I was greeted with Steve’s exasperated words, “I got a puncture putting the new tyre on!”

“A puncture?” I replied quizzically, seeking clarification, as the words “new tyre” and “puncture” seemed somewhat incongruous.

“I must have pinched it or something when I put it on and I had to patch it because I didn’t have a spare tube.” A plan that didn’t go to plan… and a puncture.

Aah, so familiar.

So there we are, getting ourselves organised and still finding that we blunder along. Ain’t that just the fun of adventure!

Stay tuned folks, we’re nearly on our way and who knows what will happen as we arrive once more on foreign shores and pedal off towards the horizon (which of course will not be flat but will merely be an optical illusion hiding those dastardly hills)! 

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  1. So looking forward to reading all your blogs, Heidi. I think Steve having a puncture before you “set sail” is a good omen – get the puncture over and done with now and he will be fine on your travels 🚲. Quite amazing that 6 months of clothing fits into the small bag and only weighs 7.01!!!!! Good luck and have a fantastic adventure (as I join you along the way ❤️).


    1. Hi Jan! Well, here’s hoping the omens are good, but this is us so…hmmm! Yeah, I was stoked to get everything in at carry-on weight, one of the advantages of being a shorty – clothes are smaller and weigh less! It’ll be great to have you along for the ride 🚲 😀


  2. Wow, your time to become Road Nomads again has already arrived. Just to let you know Heidi I had a couple of chuckles while reading your musings. Helps that I know the back story.

    Looks like you’re sorted on the packing. With the bike boxes try not to exceed 23kg, we got stung for overweight (heavy not excess) luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth AP by Qantas. One bike box at 28kg & the other 29kg $75USD for each “thank you very much”.
    Pack your other 7kg hold luggage in a separate bag if possible. Still who knows the Airlines seem to change their rules with ridiculous regularity. Last time I checked each person in Economy are still allowed 7kg carry on & 30kg checked in with two cases/bags not exceeding 23kg max. Worst part about the travel is the check in time !

    Have a great tour, looking forward to following you both. Does Steve plan on posting on CGOAB ? Wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t, just maintaining one Blog can be tough enough.



    1. G’day Will. Yeah, we’re getting there. We’re going to be stung with a pretty big excess baggage bill, we’re waiting for that! Can’t pre-purchase it either so have to pay the extra cost at the airport so will be stung a little bit more again. At least all my clothes fitted into the rack pack at 7kg, so I can carry that on and then it can stay as packed and go straight on the bike. Steve is a bit under 7kg at the moment and allowing some extra for when we add the technology that we’ll carry on. We’re leaving behind heavy things like bike locks and getting some things over there rather than taking them with us – just taking the essentials like clothes, camping stuff, technology and the bikes and we’ll get other stuff we need on the road. It’s still going to hit us for excess though. Last time I had silver frequent flyer extra allowance so we were fine, this time not, so we’ll be over and take the hit in the wallet. It would probably be cheaper to buy another ticket to Croatia that what we’ll have to pay for excess baggage! Yep, Steve’s doing CGOAB again, he’s already started writing some entries ready to post, so we’ll have the joint blogs going again. It’ll be great to follow your fat bike adventures while we bumble our way through Europe!

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  3. Excess, Ouch, Heidi.
    Pity Business Class is so pricey I think you’re allowed 40kg plus carry on in BC.
    Still since you are both over there for 6 months the excess baggage will only be minor in the whole scheme of things. Safe Travels
    Will & Jenny.


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