The Great Sainsbury’s Christmas Challenge

T’was the day before Christmas and things to be done.

First – a visit to the laundrette…Check ✔️

Second – Christmas shopping!

We decided it might be nice to have something under the tree for our first English, winter Christmas (and our little cottage does have a Christmas tree in it), but there would have to be parameters.

Enter the Great Sainsbury’s Christmas Challenge!

These were the rules:

  1. The spending limit was £10
  2. The gift could be anything – funny, practical…anything at all
  3. The gift had to be able to be used or discarded before flying home
  4. The giver could not be offended if the recipient chose to discard the gift prior to leaving the country (space and weight for travel trumps sentimentality!)

The shopping had to be done within the walls of Sainsbury’s

The challenge was ON!


It took us a while, we strolled the aisles, avoiding each other as best we could. I’d turn a corner and spy Steve, so I’d turn on my heel and change direction. We gave furtive glances this way and that, as we sought out gifts worthy of our £10 budget. It was a challenge and a bit of fun and, thankfully, Sainsbury’s was a teeny bit less frantic today than yesterday. The stress levels remained in the green, calm zone, even with the adrenalin pumping task at hand!

We emerged with our carefully chosen and carefully hidden finds, each succeeding in the challenge and managing to play by the rules.

Christmas shopping in the Great Sainsbury’s Christmas Challenge…Check! ✔️

That was all that happened. We headed back along the country roads, through the village of Burgh and out the other side, to the little cottage, that is our residence over Christmas.

Be on the lookout for anything coming around the corners and be ready to BRAKE!



It was a nice easy day, with a bit of fun and Christmas sport thrown in. The results of the Christmas Challenge will be discovered tomorrow.

Our Christmas cottage
The Christmas cottage
I think it's brightening!
I think it’s brightening!

No snow, just rain today, with a little bit of sunshine peeking through every now and again. Still, we’re in England, it’s winter, our very first winter Christmas (not counting Tasmanian freezing cold summer Christmas Days!) and we are in a cottage in the  Suffolk countryside.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

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