Aw, Tha’s Breeyant

A roaming we will go, in the town of Colchester. A raining it was in the town of Colchester. The puffer jacked was donned in the town of Colchester. But…a super day was had in the town of Colchester. I left Steve soundly touring the Land of Nod this morning and snuck out for a... Continue Reading →

Jam and a Jolly Jaunt

Aaah, a clear morning sky, what a wonderful Wednesday wake-up. Up I jumped and out I sprung, into the early morning light, to put in a pre-ride run around the resort. A map had been provided of running routes around the grounds, so I set off to follow one of these, which took me along... Continue Reading →

Losing The Race But Winning Gold

On your marks…get set…wait for it…wait for it…steady there in lane 2, I can see you weaving…get seeeet…GO! The grudge match was on - cyclist versus the rain. Rain was forecast to strike at 10:00am, so we set off in a race to beat our nemesis, heading for a campsite at Heybridge, near Maldon. It... Continue Reading →

Roaming and Reflecting

We decided not to ride on today, but to stay in Chelmsford, have a look around and run some errands. The sun shone this morning, so we had some nice roaming time around the city and its parks and gardens. “What would you like to do?” asked Steve as we strolled along the street. “I’d... Continue Reading →

The Magic Returns

Well, that final “abra-ca-dabra” from yesterday must have done the trick, because today was MAGIC! Every box was ticked, it had everything, it was super! Despite the day dawning grey, with a heavy dew and a chill in the air, by the time we had packed up and mounted the bikes, the clouds had parted,... Continue Reading →


That about sums up today’s ride - very busy, very noisy, lots of traffic, not much fun. As we rode out of West Thurrock, we were on busy roads pretty much all the way. The roads were full, the traffic was fast and we had cars, trucks and buses grazing our shoulders constantly. There were... Continue Reading →

The People…It’s Just the People

Time to move on, despite the fact that the view out the window looked exactly the same as it had yesterday, the day of the mighty storm. The poor breakfast TV weather presenters had that apologetic tone of voice again, as they demonstrated their choreographed arm movements. “There’s a front crossing from the west (left... Continue Reading →

Sitting Out the Storm

The plan was to look out the window this morning and decide whether to ride on or not, after assessing the weather situation. The poor suffering weather broadcasters on breakfast TV were telling us about the warnings issued by the Met Office and the maps of England were a very pretty shade of bright blue,... Continue Reading →

Damp, Dodging and Dickens

The rain that started last evening…patter…patter…patter,  well it continued all night…patter…patter…patter, and into the morning…patter…patter…patter. Summer Downpours on the Way read the headline on the Department of Meteorology website. Ah well, it’s not as if we’re not used to it! We packed up our damp gear and wet tent and set off on our rainy... Continue Reading →

Meandering Around Maidstone

Do we stay or don’t we? Do we go or don’t we? Do we ride on or don’t we? Decisions, decisions. I made my daily, dawn trip over to the campsite’s empty and “all to myself” bathroom block to fill in time so as not to disturb Steve too early in the morning hours. I... Continue Reading →

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