Ten Steps To A Shackadelic Holiday

January 24-27, 2023 The shack. “Goin’ to the shack.’ “Have ya been ter the shack?” The shack is a very Tasmanian feature and a Tassie cultural icon really. Many Tasmanians have a “shack”. This is the modest house / cottage / converted shed / not so converted shed / that many Tasmanians have as a... Continue Reading →

Downton Abbey Down Under

January 4 - 5 Brrrrrr! Cold. Grey. Windy. Rain. Aren’t we moaners about the weather! After enduring soaring temperatures in South Australia, now we were complaining it was too cold to be out and about because it was 14C “feels like 12C”. We did venture out for a stroll around the lake near our hotel... Continue Reading →

They’re Ready For You Mr. Hitchcock

January 3, 2023 “We could go for a walk around the Botanic Gardens in the morning before we go,” I suggested to Steve last night, “they’re just down the street.”“Haven’t we seen enough Botanic Gardens!?” came the reply, with a barely concealed sigh.After roaming two such gardens when in Adelaide, in seems Steve had now... Continue Reading →


January 1-2 A new year dawns. The last few have been doozies, so what will this one bring? We weren’t too sure what this day would bring either, setting off without being 100% sure where we’d end up. It started though, just as yesterday had. It turned out that Goolwa was putting on an extra... Continue Reading →

We Score the Trifecta

December 31 Today we scored a trifecta …run, ride and roam! We even did it in the right order too! We had an early start because we discovered that Victor Harbor has a Parkrun, so I’d better do that while I’m here. For those not familiar, Parkrun is a 5km run or walk that’s held... Continue Reading →

Just Huggin’ the Shade Folks

December 27 After a run day yesterday, we’ll call today a roaming day. I pulled up fine after the marathon, so we headed out for a strolling roam in the leafy surrounds of Adelaide. It wasn’t easy though. If yesterday was spending time in an oven, today was the fiery furnace itself. It hit 42C... Continue Reading →

Road Trip, Running, Roasted, Grilled and Baked

December 23-26 With acknowledgements to Dorothy and a witch … “We’re not in Tassie anymore Toto”… “I’m melting…meeeeellllting!”. We began our road trip to South Australia and these two travellers from cool and temperate Tasmania found themselves very much in the oven! After an early Christmas with family, we boarded the Spirit of Tasmania in... Continue Reading →

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