Back on the Western Rails

Day 2 of exploring the western wilderness by rail... Time to head back from the West and head north to our coastal home. On the way though, we’d planned another train trip, this time from Queenstown into the rainforest. Between our ride from Strahan to Dubbil Barril and now from Queenstown to Dubbil Barril, we... Continue Reading →

Underground, Overground, Wombatting Free

“Wombaaaaat!!” I announced, with a face-shattering grin. “One, two, three…seven…eight… wombats everywhere!” I could not have been more stoked and excited to see not just one of these elusive, furry, dumpy, waddling little animals, but dozens of them. Oh, happy day! When we walked around Cradle Mountain earlier in the year, I had been on... Continue Reading →

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