They Found Us

June 9 - Schaffhausen to Basel Those things that make riding tricky. Those things that make a day that little bit harder. Those things found us and ganged up on us today. We had a detour. We had hills. We had rain. We packed up the tent under clear skies and the day looked like... Continue Reading →

Well, That Was A Bit Wow!

June 8 - Kreuzlingen to Schaffhausen Every now and again you have that experience where you round a corner and see something that just takes your breath away and is simply…wow! I had one of those today. We set off from Kreuzlingen, back into Germany to Konstanz, introduced ourselves to the Rhein and became its... Continue Reading →

Fair Dinkum!

June 6 - Arbon to Kreuzlingen Ah yes, that quintessential Aussie phrase of two words that are so versatile in their usage. It was put to work today by the taller member of the team. Had it not been this chosen phrase, an expletive would probably have been used in its place. WOOMP…WOOMP…WOOMP…WOOP… That went... Continue Reading →

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