What’s That I Was Saying About Windmills?

July 19 - Delft to Haarlem I think I shall have to stand somewhat corrected. We still aren’t seeing any of those wind turbines that dominated the landscape in Germany and Denmark, but as for the traditional windmills we haven’t really been seeing…well…they are indeed here and we sure were seeing them today. We pedalled... Continue Reading →

Not Deft With The Digits But Delft Delivered

July 18 - Woerden to Delft deft /deft/ adjective: polished, expert, capable, sharp, skilled, proficient… Those numbers again..those NUMBERS! You would think we’d have it down by now, but noooooo. Were we deft with the digits? No, no we were not. Did we follow our numbers expertly and skilfully? No, no we did not. After... Continue Reading →

A Slight Problem With Numbers

July 17 - Amersfoort to Woerden We have been to school. We can count numbers. We can read numbers. We can even add numbers. Today we just had a slight problem finding and keeping numbers.  This morning started with a wonderful surprise…sunshine! I think this is the first morning we’ve had in The Netherlands that... Continue Reading →

Windmill, One O’clock!

July 13 - Zwolle to Eerbeek For a country that’s stereotypically known for its windmills, there aren’t too many of them around. This, I commented to Steve yesterday as we pedalled along. In neighbouring Germany and Denmark, you can look every which way and see dozens of wind turbines, but here…nope, nada, zilch, we hadn’t... Continue Reading →

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