Locals In Berlin

June 21 - Berlin Our final roaming day. Time to see another side of Berlin. Time for an authentic Berlin experience. Time to roam away from the tourist hot spots and see how the locals do it. Time to see another face of this city. We set out this morning, with my cousin Lisa, to... Continue Reading →

Imagining In A Different Way

June 20 - Berlin I think it’s been established that I am prone, at times, to an overactive imagination. I create stories in my head for things I see and whether it be forests or the possible scenarios surrounding an otherwise benign pair of gumboots sitting beside a lake, I have a tendency to invent... Continue Reading →

Gotta Get Me Some Birkenstocks

June 19 - Potsdam to Berlin Well, I think that was the hottest ride we’ve had so far. It was a scorcher! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, this hot weather is every shade of brilliant, but there was no ladylike glow happening, it was full on sweat dripping hot! We rode out of... Continue Reading →

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